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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2022/06/29

The survey was broken between October 2019 and April 2020

  • Sent 22.12.2020 19:28:48:

     I'm migration from Confluence. I miss a WORKING migration path. I often search for solutions of things working in confluence out of the box - e.g. content index for sub-pages. Also confluence seems to have an better use of display space.

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Maybe that's because you're used to Confluence and less to XWiki. Content index for sub-pages is available in the page menu.
     Regarding "better use of display space" that's a bit too vague. WDYM?
     Thanks for feedback.

  • Sent 07.08.2020 08:28:54:

     The deployment in wildfly (or even tomcat) isn't that easy. It's not clear (to me) how to put configuration out of war (in persistent storage for example) in order to maintain it across updates and avoid a new deploy every time we change something in our configuration.

  • Sent 24.07.2020 16:14:35:

     Too difficult to get started, documentation is unclear or outdated. Needs updated documentation on how to get started.

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     There are getting started guides, step by step. Thus to improve them further we need to have more details. Also we would need to know what doc is outdated. Thanks

  • Sent 21.07.2020 22:19:04:

     Full User Help Translation: Video subtitles, user guide translated, we already are helping on
     Lots of thanks!

  • Sent 16.07.2020 17:10:22:

     Simultaneous page editing, Like button, social feature "most liked/commented pages", easy task management similar to Atlassian Confluence
     Will probably use it for our social enterprise internet

  • Sent 07.07.2020 11:28:45:

     I was a bit unhappy to learn that after updating from 11.1 to 12.5, there is no autosave checkbox anymore. For images it would be great to have a "lightbox" checkbox in the properties of the image. So that if I resize it, I can click on it and view it fitted to window.

     I am extremely happy to use XWiki for me and my family. Thank you, it is superb! Love the "in place editing" that came with version 12. So that the page is not fully reloaded anymore.

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Thanks for the feedback. The autosave disappearance wasn't something planned. We're working on it and it should be back in XWiki 12.6.

  • Sent 28.05.2020 17:48:27:

     Switch to MediaWiki syntax by default. Automatically convert existing XWiki syntax to MediaWiki

  • Sent 27.04.2020 10:56:04:

     I need to export page or several related pages as a Word or Google document with diagrams properly placed in the document

  • Sent 23.04.2020 10:08:38:

     Less Macros and those macros must be incorporated as an easy feature.
     xWiki is great, may be the search can be a bit more optiimized

  • Sent 16.04.2020 12:37:42:

     A "basic" flavour which has only a few plugins like tree. I had to uninstall many extensions to get the cpu down again because "notifications" and "logging" plugins caused many trouble and high CPU Spikes for several minutes (4 core CPU, 2m5 GHz)


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