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Dec 05 2023

Antispam Extension 1.11 Released

The Antispam Extension 1.11 has been released. The algorithm to compute inactive users has changed: own user profile events are not considered as activity and wiki owners are protected. A bug has also been fixed. ...

XWiki 14.10.20 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 14.10.20. This is a bug fix release. See the release notes for more information. ...

Dec 04 2023

MathJax 1.1.3 Released

The MathJax Macro and MathJax LaTeX Template extensions have been released in version 1.1.3. This is a bugfix version that prevents the MathJax LaTeX Template extension to be installed automatically when installing the MathJax Macro, as it's unnecessary for users who don't use the LaTeX Exporter. ...

Dec 03 2023

Antispam Extension 1.10 Released

The Antispam Extension 1.10 has been released. The message displayed in the logs and in the page save cancellation (only for protected users) now include the reasons why the page was considered as spam. Several bugs have also been fixed. ...

Nov 29 2023 upgraded to 15.10 has been upgraded to XWiki 15.10. If you own a wiki hosted there, you should have a look at the release notes for this version. You should automatically get an upgrade wizard for your wiki when you login as admin. For more details, see the upgrade guide. ...

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