13.10.227 December 2021

Long Term Support

  • Bugfix release

Note: This version is the latest stable version from the last XWiki cycle. This is the most stable version and is what we recommend to use in production.

14.0-rc-125 January 2022


  • Requires Java 11 and drop support of Internet Explorer 11
  • Attachments refactoring
  • Better explanatory message for missing macros

Note: This version is the latest development version from the current XWiki cycle. This is the version to use if you want to test the really latest feature and provide feedback. Not for production.

Interested in testing the latest snapshots builds or older versions? See more versions. You can also use a Hosted version of XWiki instead of installing it yourself.

If you're interested to know the XWiki versioning and support strategies, please check: Versioning Strategy & Support Strategy.


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