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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2017/06/27

8.4.524 April 2017

Long Term Support

  • Bug fixes

Note: This version is the latest stable version from the last XWiki cycle. This is the most stable version and is what we recommend to use in production.

9.527 June 2017


  • Improved LiveTable filtering (Date filters, Multilist filters, DBList filters)
  • Page Templates can now be auto-selected based on the current location
  • Simplified way of adding a logo to a Color Theme
  • Notifications improvements: grouping of related notifications, ability to send emails, configuration of locations and sending diffs in emails
  • XWiki Enterprise is dead! We now have a new XWiki distribution that asks you at startup what Flavor you would like to use for your wiki, and we are providing a default Flavor called the Standard Flavor (the closest to the previous XWiki Enterprise distribution

Note: This version is the latest stable version from the current XWiki cycle. This is the version recommended if you wish to try out the new features from the cycle.

Interested in testing the latest snapshots builds or older versions? See more versions. You can also use a Hosted version of XWiki instead of installing it yourself.

Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2016/03/09

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