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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2019/08/04

  • Sent 11/12/17 11:42:45:

     * when used as a knowledge base, it feels too heavyweight, complex, not very Wiki like, more like a full CMS, e.g. typing simple WikiLinks should create a link
     * pages should be auto-saved
     * MarkDown support by default

     like the professional and clean, Java based approach, very feature rich and evolved over a long time

  • Sent 27/11/17 14:36:06:

     To be fair, I am used to Confluence and MediaWiki (also Twiki, but not often).
     I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 but simple things don't seem to work, like the Code macro.  And it's very difficult to understand why.  I am a software developer, and while I would like to take the time to debug, diving into the Wiki code (a productivity app) while attempting to document other projects just can't be a priority right now, so we'll probably move on to a different platform.

  • Sent 17/11/17 21:30:00:

     A simple documentation flavour (minimal set of pages and extensions)

  • Sent  15/11/17 15:54:54:

     For some reason I cannot see more than 2 subelement in the navigation menu.
     Also, moving a page is a nightmare -> In the most cases, I can't. And I don't know why or how to achieve my goal. The only feedback is "Forbidden sign". 

  • Sent 11/11/17 14:40:56:

     Some of the workflows seem a bit complicated, for example: create page, save it immediately, go and add attachments in view, edit the page again to link the attachments.

     Forms and Apps seem complicated - I tried making one but it didn't work as I expected. I probably need to do more reading about this.

     I looked at a number of wiki projects to use at work (we are replacing mediawiki) and XWiki was easily ahead of the others. It also won out over Confluence which I guess many people would see as the class-leading "enterprise wiki".

     Thank you for all the work over so many years to make this project such a success.

  • Sent 02/11/17 01:55:34:

     Option to change the name of the installed standard flavor (ie 'foobar' instead of 'xwiki')
     Better documentation of updating / modifying navigation / panels.
     Ordering of entries in navigation panel.

  • Sent 20/10/17 17:12:48:

     Some things are way too complicated in my opinion. What just comes to my mind:
     - theming (css? less? velocity?)
     - upgrading to a more recent version

     Having wordpress in the back of my head, they're doing much better in simplicity. Of course, xwiki is a completely different story, with many, many great tricks under the hood emoticon_smile

     The forum guys are great. I also appreciate the work you're putting into this - over all it's awesome!

  • Sent 9/29/2017 23:43:46:

     I really liked the one step Windows installer for initial testing, but had to spend much more time getting the production capable combination up and running manually.  I do like the Docker Containers though.

     Just want to say that the XWiki website is excellent and contains all the information one would need to get started.  To me, XWiki is the best open source  wiki engine I've come across.  Thanks very much to the XWiki team for putting this together and making it available!

  • Sent 28/09/17 08:19:39:

     a visual document diff would be nice
     friendlier looking than the terminal plus and minus style

     "?q=netbeans visual diff" led me to these

     Thank you for sticking with making what is, in my opinion, the most fully featured wiki available for folks that don't want mediawiki.

  • Sent 9/24/2017 19:01:14:

     - Do not redraw navigation tree each time i click some node.
     - Include more features to editor. There are many of them now available only from "source" (for example text color) or from another editor,  which in turns have another disadvantages. 

  • Sent  24/09/17 23:12:44:

     Production version should have a graphical installer so it can be easily and quickly installed and setup.  Otherwise depending on the user installing to know what they are doing to configure and get things working when they are looking for something simple and quick to setup to start using.

  • Sent 9/17/2017 22:55:06:

     Make it more user friendly 

  • Sent 11/09/17 16:16:26:

     Social Login module is totally broken and not works, but in 2k17 year this module MUST HAVE.

  • Sent 9/7/2017 0:14:33:

     I'm very inexperienced, but it seems the editor is a little clunky to put a large set of names together. I would like some way of tagging entries and have them appear in a prompt list for example.

     I'm really happy with the product so far. It's very extensible. This is important because I'm not 100% certain what is the best layout for my pages.

  • Sent 8/22/2017 13:33:29:

     MathJax/Katex latex renderer instead of pictures

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     I'm not an expert on this but the Formula Macro has different configurations. Wouldn't that fit your need?

  • Sent 8/16/2017 20:11:42:

     During our evaluation phase I repeatedly installed on a virtual box based centos6 vm on my macbook. On some of the installations I didn't get the option to download a skin which made that installation useless.  When we installed for actual use we didn't have that problem.

  • Sent 23/07/17 14:58:01:

     I am really enjoying using this (VERY) neat WYSIWYG Wiki... My only frustration is that, with the default skin, a lot of my screen real-estate is taken with headers and titles - leaving little room left for content without scrolling.  (My web browser is usually 'zoomed in' - which exaggerates this.) I wish it were easier to quickly "try" some other skins, and find one that leaves more screen real-estate for my content.

     I am using XWiki for 'notes' and to tie together menus for various web applications.

  • Sent 03/08/17 20:05:15:

     Dashboard Design - Ready to start designs / Templates - improvement in navigation

     Missing features: Professional project management with milestones, deadlines, effort, time measuring, UML diagram support 

  • Sent 05/07/17 14:36:29:

     I would like to have a nice list for IP-adresses (in our own develope-area), where everybody could check easily, which IP-adresses are in use or not.
     If something like this already exists, I could not find it yet. The List should have a Dropdown menue and a calculator, so you will see the available adresses.

  • Sent 6/12/2017 13:03:30:

     If you kill the browser while a page is being moved, the wiki gets broken.

  • Sent 02/06/17 17:17:31:

     finer granularity of rights and tasks. It's a pain to have to be admin just to edit templates or move pages around a wiki. Would be better to let us configure which access level corresponds to which rights/tasks.
     ability to export/import templates, so they can more easily be shared across wikis
     thanks for your work, team!

  • Sent 07/06/17 12:05:33:

     Documentation must be updated and more detailled. Especially for Windows / MS SQL systems. Otherwise it's a great system.

  • Sent 29/05/17 22:41:50:

     Make it easier to have a Linux command-line installation. Or use another high-usability approach like a wizard.
     I can't tell if your project is live from Linux Mint. I added the stable source, but can't pull up xwiki-*. Is your project alive, and if so, could I have current instructions to install it from the Linux command live?
     (I'm sorry if it sounds rude to ask if you project is live, but I am extremely confused by the discrepancy between what the website claims and what I am (not) getting to show up using aptitude.)

  • Sent 26/04/17 16:36:36:

     1- Speed
     2- Installation with Debian package is fine, but doing it manually is not as easy as expected.
     3- Missing: Viewing permissions and inherited permissions for users and groups (and subgroups) in a site-map or as a tree for single user or group
     4- Missing: Definition and distinction of groups and subgroups. I wanted to know, which way down it will be inherited and how to set it up (best practice)
     5- Missing: An alternative to the xwiki navigation entry
     6- Missing: List of orphaned pages

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Regarding point 6, we no longer have orphaned pages now that we have nested pages! You always create pages in a hierarchy. That's why we removed the ability to see orphaned pages!
     For points 1, 2, 5 we'd need more details.

  • Sent 22/05/17 03:21:57:

     The Extensions lack adequate descriptions. Mostly there is just a single line and I will have to install an extension just to understand what it does. 

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     I don't find this to be a fair statement. The large majority of Extensions have nice descriptions. Also several Extensions are contributed by the XWiki community at large and not by the XWiki Dev Team so we don't control those. Could you let us know which specific Extension you find is lacking description?

  • Sent 06/05/17 12:00:00:

     Hello! There is very lack simple data backup. The lack of a simple backup of all data (via the web interface) greatly limits the use of Xwiki. Such a backup is available at Confluence.
     Another disadvantage is a complicated backup and a complicated installation.

  • Sent 22/04/17 22:47:10:

     speed, everything is so slooooooow, xwiki takes 5min to start after reboot (well actually I think this is "normal" for Java/Tomcat but that doesn't make anything better)

  • Sent 4/22/2017 5:09:10:

     Would you please add digest-md5  in ldap Authentication´╝îinstead of simple?

  • Sent 4/16/2017 10:12:55:

     More Cookbooks. There is often a lack of documentation so I can not really use many features and functions. So I am starting now looking into the code. But this is time comsuming.
     May be sell usefull apps or functions like the integration of onlyOffice where people have to pay something.

    May be write a  book or a wiki about how to use and extend xwiki. Give access to this for a fee. At the moment my impression and personal experience is that documentation is avaoid because of costs.

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Regarding OnlyOffice there's an OnlyOffice Paying Application

  • Sent 4/11/2017 7:52:49:

     It would be better  to make it  easy to add applicaiton .       and  when i make the link,  The new page creation menu  is not being   on top-down menu  over "Wiki Page , Attached File , Web page... , Email address ".   So,  If there is the new page  or add page    menu of them,  It would be confortable. 

  • Sent 06/04/17 16:19:25:

     simplified group / user management
     simplified rights management
     simplified upgrade

     There are too many branches (9.0 9.1 9.2 ...) while there are fewer maintenance releases.
     it's hard to keep up; as there is no simple upgrade mechanism (except to export and import everything)
     I know features are important (we make software), but stability and reassurance there are bugfixes is important as a user.

     But all in all: i'm trying to convince the company to quit confluence in favor of xWiki. So keep up the good work!

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Regarding branches, we only support 3 branches:
     - the LTS branch. That's the one you should use to have a super stable version.
     - the latest stable branch. new features but less stable than the LTS.
     - the development branch. Work in progress

  • Sent 3/1/2017 9:31:17:

     more simple and easy maintenance
     Beautiful page design will attract more people 

  • Sent 2/24/2017 23:14:26:

     Better and more complete user and admin documentation
     Great job!

  • 09/02/17 18:42:52:

     I would love to see indenting for non-list things, like text (including block text) and images. That really makes pages easier to read. Also, I would love more text formatting options, like simply setting the color of a section of text. I find that I (too) OFTEN have to resort to editing the source with "" tags to achieve the look that I want. Normal users largely will not resort to that, so the resulting pages are much less impactful. Table properties could be expanded, for example to allow a background color on a row. Last, and most minor, would be an additional property on the image object to add a simple border. When a screen capture is done on the same background color that the wiki page uses, the lack of visible boundary can disrupt the impact of the graphic.
     The server hosting xwiki is in India, and I am in the U.S. I am surprised how well it performs. Not lightning fast, of course, but still very usable.

  • Sent 2/6/2017 7:38:23:

     I want to write mathematic formula using Xwiki. The mimetex.cgi, for example,  would be fine to be integrated in Xwiki.
     It's very comfortable using Xwiki. thank you!

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     You should try to use the bundled Formula Macro.

  • Sent 1/26/2017 19:53:34:

     I'm a student, so I need some features like note-taking, using xwiki like a blog, previously I was using dokuwiki and tiddlywiki, some features from these personal wikis should be inherited to xwiki to use it for wide range of applications

  • Sent 06/01/17 22:51:20:

     Code format does not work, nor smalltext format and others, the format info is lost after preview or save.

  • Sent 1/5/2017 22:40:12:

     It won't install in Glassfish 4.1.1 it won't run in Tomcat 9.  I've lost 2-3 days and would rather start over with something else, were it my decision

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     I contacted Douglas and asked him to post on the list which he did and his problems were solved on the list.


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