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Dec 06 2007

The XWiki Watch development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Watch 1.0 Milestone 2.

You can grab it here

Reminder : XWiki Watch is a collaborative RSS/Atom feed reader that allows teams to read, tag, comment and flag articles in a AJAX/GWT interface integrated inside the wiki. Features include also filtering, text analysis, press reviews generation, English and French user interfaces, and more! Note that Watch is delivered as a full Watch+Wiki or as a XAR package installable in a standard XWiki 1.1 or 1.2

This release include both bug fixes and new features, among which you can find :

  • A Wiki integration : now every data collected/created (feeds, fetched feed articles, tags, keywords and groups) through the AJAX/GWT UI is accessible via classical XWiki pages
  • UI improvements/bugfixes : Editing and deleting feeds is easier, filtering both keywords + groups has been fixed, the feed tree does not collapse unexpectedly anymore
  • A m2 build matching the XWiki development process : now developers can build XWiki Watch with a single line command
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

You can read the full release notes

And the installation guide

Have fun! The XWiki Watch development team


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