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Jun 25 2008

Last milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 1.5 version (Roadmap). 

Main changes:

  • [Experimental] New ability to set the wiki syntax used in a page (Confluence,MediaWiki,TWiki,JSPWiki,Creole), thanks to the new Rendering Engine
  • Brand new Administration Application (see http://tinyurl.com/4qym7w)
  • Universal Edit button support (see http://universaleditbutton.org/)
  • Reduced execution time of Selenium tests (from 12-15 minutes to 7 minutes)
  • An administrator can modify a user profile or password when visiting a user profile page
  • The copy page feature is now available from the top menu (Actions > Copy)
  • XWiki properties names are now translatable
  • new renamePage method in the XML-RPC API
  • Slightly modified header
  • New Croatian translation

For more details about this 1.5 Milestone 2 release, check the release notes.

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