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Class Properties

  • Parent Space (parent: String)
  • Web Background Color (webbgcolor: String)
  • Multi-Lingual (multilingual: Boolean)
  • Default Language (default_language: String)
  • Authenticated Edit (authenticate_edit: Boolean)
  • Authenticated View (authenticate_view: Boolean)
  • Plugins (plugins: String)
  • Skin (skin: Page)
  • Color theme (colorTheme: Database List)
  • Icon theme (iconTheme: Database List)
  • Menu (menu: TextArea)
  • Default Stylesheet (stylesheet: String)
  • Alternative Stylesheet (stylesheets: String)
  • Enable extra accessibility features (accessibility: Boolean)
  • Default Editor (editor: Static List)
  • Copyright (webcopyright: String)
  • Title (title: String)
  • Version (version: String)
  • HTTP Meta Info (meta: TextArea)
  • Date Format (dateformat: String)
  • Use eMail Verification (use_email_verification: Boolean)
  • Admin eMail (admin_email: String)
  • SMTP Server (smtp_server: String)
  • SMTP Port (smtp_port: String)
  • Server username (optional) (smtp_server_username: String)
  • Editbox Width (editbox_width: String)
  • Server password (optional) (smtp_server_password: String)
  • Editbox Height (editbox_height: String)
  • Additional JavaMail properties (javamail_extra_props: TextArea)
  • Advertisement Client ID (ad_clientid: String)
  • Validation eMail Content (validation_email_content: TextArea)
  • Macros Languages (macros_languages: String)
  • Confirmation eMail Content (confirmation_email_content: TextArea)
  • Macros for Velocity (macros_velocity: String)
  • Invitation eMail Content (invitation_email_content: TextArea)
  • Macros for Groovy (macros_groovy: String)
  • Obfuscate Email Addresses (obfuscateEmailAddresses: Boolean)
  • Anonymous (registration_anonymous: Static List)
  • Macros for new Wiki Parser (macros_wiki2: String)
  • Macros Mapping (macros_mapping: TextArea)
  • Registered (registration_registered: Static List)
  • Authentication Active Check (auth_active_check: Boolean)
  • Anonymous (edit_anonymous: Static List)
  • Registered (edit_registered: Static List)
  • Macros for the Wiki Parser (macros_wiki: String)
  • Notification Pages (notification_pages: String)
  • Anonymous (comment_anonymous: Static List)
  • Registered (comment_registered: Static List)
  • Maximum Upload Size (upload_maxsize: Number)
  • Enable CAPTCHA in comments for unregistered users (guest_comment_requires_captcha: Boolean)
  • Default document syntax (core.defaultDocumentSyntax: String)
  • Make document title field mandatory (xwiki.title.mandatory: Boolean)
  • Activate the tagging (tags: Boolean)
  • Activate the backlinks (backlinks: Boolean)
  • Panels displayed on the left (leftPanels: String)
  • Render velocity code (renderXWikiVelocityRenderer: Boolean)
  • Render Groovy code (renderXWikiGroovyRenderer: Boolean)
  • Panels displayed on the right (rightPanels: String)
  • Display the left panel column (showLeftPanels: Boolean)
  • Render Wiki syntax (renderXWikiRadeoxRenderer: Boolean)
  • Display the right panel column (showRightPanels: Boolean)
  • Width of the left panel column (leftPanelsWidth: Static List)
  • Width of the right panel column (rightPanelsWidth: Static List)
  • Supported languages (languages: String)
  • Preferred page width (pageWidth: Static List)
  • Internationalization Document Bundles (documentBundles: Page)
  • Time Zone (timezone: Time Zone)
  • convert email type (convertmail: String)
  • Ldap (ldap: Boolean)
  • Ldap server adress (ldap_server: String)
  • Ldap server port (ldap_port: String)
  • Ldap login matching (ldap_bind_DN: String)
  • Ldap password matching (ldap_bind_pass: Password)
  • Validate Ldap user/password (ldap_validate_password: Boolean)
  • Ldap group filter (ldap_user_group: String)
  • Ldap group to exclude (ldap_exclude_group: String)
  • Ldap base DN (ldap_base_DN: String)
  • Ldap UID attribute name (ldap_UID_attr: String)
  • Ldap user fields mapping (ldap_fields_mapping: TextArea)
  • Update user from LDAP (ldap_update_user: Boolean)
  • Update user photo from LDAP (ldap_update_photo: Boolean)
  • Attachment name to save LDAP photo (ldap_photo_attachment_name: String)
  • Ldap photo attribute name (ldap_photo_attribute: String)
  • Ldap groups mapping (group_mapping: String)
  • Ldap groups mapping (ldap_group_mapping: TextArea)
  • LDAP groups members cache (ldap_groupcache_expiration: String)
  • LDAP groups sync mode (ldap_mode_group_sync: Static List)
  • Try local login (ldap_trylocal: Boolean)
  • Show document annotations (showannotations: Boolean)
  • Show document comments (showcomments: Boolean)
  • Show document attachments (showattachments: Boolean)
  • Show document history (showhistory: Boolean)
  • Show document information (showinformation: Boolean)
  • Enable version summary (editcomment: Boolean)
  • Make version summary mandatory (editcomment_mandatory: Boolean)
  • Enable minor edits (minoredit: Boolean)
  • You can use the class editor to add or modify the class properties.

Existing Pages

The following pages have objects described by this class.

Class Sheets

Before using this class you must first create a sheet and a template for it. Follow the instructions below to do this.

The sheet allows you to control the presentation of pages of this type. You can use the default presentation, which enumerates all the available fields, or you can design your own presentation. You can also choose different presentations for the viewing and for the editing modes.

View the sheet page (XWiki / Administration) ยป

Class Template

The template is the page used as the model when creating a new page of this type. It contains an instance of your class.

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