Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 4.1.4

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

If you are migrating from an earlier version than 4.0, and your database contains statistics collected using a version earlier than 2.2, you will probably encounter an issue during our automated database migration. To avoid that issue, you will need to clean up your statistics by executing some SQL commands described in issue XWIKI-8129. Be sure to apply these before attempting the migration. If your are in doubt, apply it, these could not hurt. If you don't, you will face duplicate IDs errors during the migration process, and it will fail, preventing you to run your wiki.

This is probably the last bugfix release for the 4.1 series.
This release provides 30 bug fixes, mainly in the Extension Manager, including important fixes for extensions that provide components or script services (see XCOMMONS-231 and XCOMMONS-232). It also improves the large data migration introduced in 4.0, in particular to support MS-SQL, and fixes an important issue that cause the migration of annotations to be unintentionally skipped (see below).

New and Noteworthy (since XWiki Enterprise 4.1.3 version)

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The following translations have been added: 

The following translations have been updated: 

Known issues

Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes

General Notes

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from all the improvements listed above.

Always make sure you compare your xwiki.cfg and files with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note that you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.

Issues specific to XWiki Enterprise 4.1.4

R40001XWIKI7540 migration being skipped unintentionally in 4.1.3

Due to a mistake in the code, the R40001XWIKI7540 migration was being unintentionally skipped. This is now fixed and anyone that is upgrading should avoid the problematic 4.1.3 release and directly use 4.1.4 instead.

API Breakages

The following APIs were modified since version 4.1.3:

org.xwiki.job.AbstractJob: Parameter 1 of 'protected void jobFinished(java.lang.Exception)' has changed its type to java.lang.Throwable

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