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9 This is the final release of XWiki Enterprise 3.1 ([[Roadmap>>Main.Roadmap]]). Over the course of the 3.1 cycle there were a few new features added and a lot of improvements in stability, code quality, and build practice. These release notes are compounded from the release notes from each release in the 3.1 cycle.
11 We've setup a [[Jira dashboard>>]] to present the work done for the whole 3.1 release. In summary, 172 issues have been closed by 9 committers (and other contributors providing patches), out of which 10 are new features, 40 are improvements and 96 are fixed bugs.
13 = New & Noteworthy (Since XWiki Enterprise 3.0) =
15 == PDF Export Options ==
17 [[image:pdfExportOptions.png||class="screenshot"]]
19 If you export a wiki page to PDF using the //Export// menu you'll get a panel where you can configure some PDF export options. These options are defined in the PDF velocity templates and were previously available only as query string parameters to the PDF export URL.
21 == Office Document Export ==
23 [[image:exportAsODT.png||class="screenshot"]]
25 If you configure your wiki to work with an office server ([[LibreOffice>>]] or [[OpenOffice>>]]) as described in the [[Office Importer Application>>]] you'll notice a new entry in the export menu (as long as you are connected to the office server). By default only the ODT ([[OpenDocument>>]] Text format) export is exposed but you can tweak the export URL to export to other office formats supported by your office server. For instance ##/xwiki/bin/export/Sandbox/WebHome?format=doc## exports Sandbox.WebHome page to Microsoft Word's proprietary DOC format.
27 == Auto Watch ==
29 Starting with 3.1 an [[automatic watch feature>>extensions:Extension.Watchlist Application]] has been added and is enabled by default. That mean that each time a user do a major modification to a document or create one it's automatically added it the user watchlist. That way it's easy to follow future contribution to a document in which we are involved on.
31 == Fork us on GitHub! ==
33 XWiki Enterprise 3.1 was the first version to be released from our new repository on github. We decided that git was sufficiently advanced over svn, our old version control system, that it warranted the effort spent to convert. If you are a developer who uses git then you already know what this means to you, you can participate in the XWiki development process by **forking** (git speak for copying) the source repository rather than being forced to provide patches to the benevolent committers who will accept or reject your patches at their pleasure. If you want to make something great but there's a part of the XWiki core which is holding you up, you can go right ahead and fork it into your own repository where you can fix it and share the results. We are excited to learn what you will create!
35 As a consequence, the structure of the repositories, the version numbers of the applications, plugins and build tools, as well as the structure of the projects on the [[issue tracker>>]] have changed. We moved all the plugins and applications inside the platform core, releasing them all together. This is also reflected in the issue tracker, where all the individual projects for each extension disappeared, since applications are now jira components inside the XWiki Platform project. This means that the version number confusion will stop, since everything has the same release version.
37 == For developers ==
39 * [[XCOMMONS-4>>]]: Implement support for JSR 330 Annotations
40 * [[XCOMMONS-10>>]]: Add support for injecting Logger with @Inject. Now you can have the XWiki Commons logging implementation inserted into your module using dependency injection.
41 * [[XWIKI-6103>>]]: Introduce APIs using References for context user
42 * [[XWIKI-6213>>]]: Add custom properties to extensions
43 * [[XWIKI-6563>>]]: Provide statistic information about clustered nodes
45 == Code Maintenance ==
47 * [[XWIKI-6167>>]]: Refactor extension manager as a set of modules.
48 * [[XRENDERING-76>>]]: Move XHTML parser/renderer in their own project
49 * [[XWIKI-6186>>]]: Retire the deprecated TablePlugin
50 * [[XWIKI-6187>>]]: Retire the deprecated PatternPlugin
51 * [[XWIKI-6188>>]]: Retire the deprecated TestPlugin
52 * [[XWIKI-6177>>]]: Remove deprecated preferences
54 == Upgrades ==
56 * [[XWiki now requires Java 6!>>]]
57 * [[Upgrade JGroups to latest version 2.12.1>>]]
58 * [[Upgrade to Groovy 1.8>>]]
59 * [[Upgrade to commons-net-3.0>>]]
60 * [[Move from Commons Logging/Log4J to SLF4J/Logback>>]]
61 * [[Upgrade to hibernate-validator 4.1.0.Final>>]]
62 * [[Upgrade yuicompressor to version 2.4.2>>]]
63 * [[Upgrade Pygments to verson 1.4>>]]
64 * [[Upgrade to JRuby 1.6>>]]
65 * [[Upgrade to GWT 2.2, GWT Maven Plugin 2.2 and SmartGWT 2.4>>]]
66 * [[Upgrade to commons-codec 1.5>>]]
68 == Miscellaneous ==
70 * Code macro now supports velocity syntax
71 * New Success Macro. For example: {{box}}image:icon:tick Success macro, you can access this by writing ~{~{success}}text here~{~{/success}}{{/box}}
72 * [[XWIKI-6518>>]]: Added edit menu for inline editing mode.
73 * [[XWIKI-6174>>]]: Make the attachment mimetype labels translatable
74 * [[XWIKI-116>>]]: Added the ability to dictate what mode documents should be edited in by default on a document by document basis.
75 * [[XWIKI-6599>>]]: Support for suggestion sources to provide custom icon/images for individual result entry
76 * Lots of bug fixes, [[see a full list of issues closed in the 3.1 development cycle>>!executeAdvanced.jspa?jqlQuery=fixVersion+%3D+%273.1+M1%27+or+fixVersion+%3D+%273.1M2%27+or+fixVersion+%3D+%273.1+RC1%27+or+fixVersion+%3D+%273.1%27&runQuery=true&clear=true]].
78 == Translations ==
80 * The translations for ##ca##, ##cs##, ##se##, ##es##, ##fr##, ##gl##, ##it##, ##lv##, ##nl##, ##pt##, ##ro##, ##ru##, ##sk##, ##sv##, ##si##, ##uk##, ##zh##, ##zh_TW## were updated.
82 = Known issues =
84 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
85 * An error has slipped in on the ##Main.WebHome## page where a Watchlist Object has been added by mistake. You should edit this page and remove it. A side effect of having it may cause some NullPointerException to be displayed in the console but without adverse effects.
87 = Test Report =
89 You can check the [[manual test report>>TestReports.ManualTestReportXE31]] to learn about what was tested and the results on various browsers.
91 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
93 == Java 1.6 ==
95 XWiki Enterprise 3.1 Milestone 2 and all subsequent versions will be compiled with Java6, Java5 is no longer supported.
97 == Deprecated XClass database tables removed ==
99 In [[XWIKI-6624>>]] a set of database tables and their supporting infrastructure were removed. These tables held XWiki Class information but since XWiki 1.0, the table method of storage has been deprecated and non-default. If upgrading from a pre-1.0 version of XWiki, it is important to make sure you are using the XML XWiki class storage and not the database tables first.
101 == WYSIWYG Editor Configuration ==
103 In order to implement [[XWIKI-6618>>]] we changed the format of the menu bar configuration. If you exclude the ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## page when you upgrade your wiki pages (which you should do in order to preserve your WYSIWYG editor configuration) then you have to:
105 1. edit the ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## page with the object editor
106 1. remove deprecated properties (you have to do this because we changed the type of the //Menu Bar// property to accommodate the new format)
107 1. change the value of the //Menu Bar// property to use the following JSON format:(((
108 {{code}}
109 [{
110 "feature" : "link",
111 "subMenu" : ["linkEdit", "linkRemove", "linkWikiPage", "linkAttachment", "|", "linkWebPage", "linkEmail"]
112 },
113 {
114 "feature" : "image",
115 "subMenu" : ["imageInsertAttached", "imageInsertURL", "imageEdit", "imageRemove"]
116 },
117 {
118 "feature" : "table",
119 "subMenu" : ["inserttable", "insertcolbefore", "insertcolafter", "deletecol", "|", "insertrowbefore", "insertrowafter", "deleterow", "|", "deletetable"]
120 },
121 {
122 "feature" : "macro",
123 "subMenu" : ["macroInsert", "macroEdit", "|", "macroRefresh", "|", "macroCollapse", "macroExpand"]
124 },
125 {
126 "feature" : "import",
127 "subMenu" : ["importOffice"]
128 }]
129 {{/code}}
130 )))
132 If importing ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## or ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigTemplate## fails then you have to follow this steps in order to update the WYSIWYG editor configuration:
134 1. Open ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## and ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigTemplate## in the object editor, and remove the ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigClass## objects from them
135 1. Open ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigClass## page in the class editor, delete the ##menuBar## property, and add it again as a //String// property
136 1. Open ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## and ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigTemplate## in the object editor, add and then remove again an object of type ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigClass##
137 1. Import the ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigClass##, ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## and ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigTemplate## pages from the upgrade XAR
139 If you didn't try and failed to import these documents already, it's simpler to just delete ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfig## and ##XWiki.WysiwygEditorConfigTemplate## first, then continue with a normal import.
141 == Removed Plugins ==
143 These plugins are very old and were almost never used.
144 Unless your xwiki.cfg file contains one of:
146 * com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.TablePlugin
147 * com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.PatternPlugin
148 * com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.test.TestPlugin
150 You are verifiably unaffected by this change.
151 These plugins are still available in the {{scm user="xwiki-contrib" project="retired"}}retired source code repository{{/scm}}.
153 == XWikiPreferences class preferences ==
155 If you have an existing wiki and you are upgrading to 3.1, you will **not** experience any changes. If you are installing a new wiki, the following preferences will not be available to the XWikiPreferences or WebPreferences objects. If you are a developer of an XWiki based application which depended on one of these settings, you will need to upgrade your application to make it compatible with new 3.1 XWiki installations.
157 * convertmail
158 * editbox_height
159 * editbox_width
160 * macros_groovy
161 * macros_languages
162 * macros_mapping
163 * macros_velocity
164 * macros_wiki
165 * macros_wiki2
166 * menu
167 * notification_pages
168 * pageWidth
169 * renderXWikiGroovyRenderer
170 * renderXWikiRadeoxRenderer
171 * renderXWikiVelocityRenderer
172 * webbgcolor
174 == General Notes ==
176 {{warning}}
177 If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property // to your //xwiki.cfg// file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in //,db2,...//.
178 {{/warning}}
180 You may also want to [[import the default wiki XAR>>Main.Download]] in order to benefit from the improvements listed above.
182 {{warning}}
183 Always make sure you compare your //xwiki.cfg// file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note you should add // so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
184 {{/warning}}
186 == API Breakages ==
188 No APIs were modified since XWiki Enterprise 3.0.

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