360º Overheid

Last modified by Mark van den Broek on 2016/07/19


General Information

Multiple Dutch governmental organizations
Developed by
De KennisFabriek (The Knowledge Factory)
Mark van den Broek ([email protected])


360º Overheid (in English: 360º Government) is actually a federation of wiki's from Dutch governmental organizations. In each wiki, a governmental organization - or partnership of organizations - captures it's legislative tasks, the products and services it delivers to fulfill these tasks, a comprehensive description of the process to 'produce' each product or service and - last but not least - the required criteria (quality and quantity) for the 'production' of it's products and services.
360º Overheid's goal is to standardize products, services, processes and 'contracts' and - thus - seduce organizations to reuse what's already been invented. 


The main goal of 360º Overheid / 360º Government is to seduce and aid governmental organizations into a more 'business wise' and integral approach to their responsibilities. Governmental organizations can learn a lot from commercial businesses and need to stop inventing products, services and processes for themselves, because they all need to comply to the same - e.g. - regional or national legislation. By creating a 'web' (federation) of highly standardized wiki's for governmental organizations, including a 'marketplace' / 'store' where each organization can shop for solutions, we hope to seduce many organizations to not invent their own solution, but to contribute to better solutions that where invented by their peers.


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