Scalability & Performance

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10

XWiki is written in Java/Java EE. As such it scales as well as Java scales.

Multi Tenancy

XWiki supports the ability to run hundreds and even thousands of wikis on the same JVM (i.e. same webapp).

Some examples:

  • MyXWiki currently hosts over 170 wikis on a single JVM
  • XWiki SAS Cloud currently hosts 1000+ wikis (but on several JVMs)

See the tutorial on how to configure multi-tenancy to learn more.


XWiki provides an easy way to setup clustered instances of XWiki based on network events distribution. Clustering allows for 2 use cases:

  • Load distribution on several JVMs
  • Failover since if a machine is down the other ones are still available

See Clustering for more details.


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