Upgrading from the Debian package

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2024/04/30

  • Update packages index:
    sudo apt update
  • Package upgrade:
    sudo apt upgrade

    This will upgrade all packages, not just XWiki. If you want to avoid all the other packages and only update XWiki, you can use sudo apt install xwiki-tomcat9-mariadb (change xwiki-tomcat9-mariadb for the top level package you installed if you installed something else).

    When upgrading from pre 9.5 version apt upgrade won't find anything because the package name changed (XWiki Enterprise does not exist anymore).

    All you have to do in this case is install the xwiki-tomcat* package corresponding to the top level xwiki-enterprise-tomcat* one you installed previously. For example if you had xwiki-enterprise-tomcat8-mysql 9.4 you should do sudo apt install xwiki-tomcat8-mysql.

  • Pages upgrade:

    However after upgrading you still need to install the new UI; see next step Upgrading the flavor below.

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