XWiki Enterprise 2.4.4 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.4.4 Released

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2020/01/28

Oct 22 2010

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.4.4.

This is a bug fix release for the 2.4 branches.

Important Bugs Fixed

  • XWIKI-5542 - Different rights in view and rest mode
  • XWIKI-5597 - File upload plugin doesn't strip the file path in IE
  • XWIKI-5598 - When importing a XAR, ignoring translated documents does not work
  • XWIKI-5309 - rest api query called by XE JumpToPage causes performance problem and even deadlock
  • XWIKI-5387 - Apache commons URIUtil is potentially unsafe
  • XWIKI-4366 - Blockquote is badly parsed when multiple lines are styled together
  • XWIKI-5525 - DBList request level cache is ignored
  • XWIKI-5591 - HTML to Wiki Syntax 2 looses color in certain cases
  • XWIKI-5599 - In the XAR importer UI, the initial space document count is wrong whenever that space has translated documents
  • XWIKI-5530 - LDAP module: Impossible to login with the same UID if your DN changes
  • XWIKI-5523 - NPE during parsing of a sequence table/style/paragraphe/paragraphe
  • XAANNOTATIONS-32 - Highlight does not disappear after deleting the last annotation from a page

For more information see the XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager release notes.

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