XWiki Enterprise 2.3 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.3 Released

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2020/01/28

Apr 26 2010

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.3.

The highlights of this release are: the ability to annotate text in a document, a Color Theme visual editor and the ability to require anonymous users to solve a CAPTCHA before adding a comment to a document.

Important changes from XWiki Enterprise 2.2.5:

  • New Annotations Feature
  • New Color Theme Visual Editor
  • Anonymous commenting with Captcha
  • Easier development of configurable applications using XWiki.ConfigurableClass
  • Many bug fixes

For more information see the XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager release notes.

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