XWiki Enterprise/Manager 3.0 Release Statistics

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2020/01/28

Mar 29 2011

XWiki Enterprise & XWiki Enterprise 3.0 are being released and I wanted to share some stats with the Community.

XWiki Developers have fixed 510 issues during the XE/XEM 3.0 timeframe (i.e. between beginning of January 2011 and end of March 2011, that's 3 months - that's 6 issues per day including week ends, not bad!).


In order to provide a good visibility of the work done, who's worked on what, and more, we've created a JIRA Dashboard for XE/XEM 3.0.

From now on we'll try to provide such a dashboard for each major XE/XEM release. Let us know if it's useful to you and if you like it. Improvement suggestions are most welcome too.


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