Recovery procedure for lost notifications filters

Last modified by Simon Urli on 2024/02/08

Jan 17 2024

XWiki 15.10.2, 15.10.3 and 15.10.4 are containing a version of a migration (named R151002000XWIKI21448) that leads to the permanent deletion of all notification filters related to subwiki pages. If you performed an upgrade to one of this version and you used a subwiki then you're impacted by this regression and should follow this procedure. If you upgraded to a later version (15.10.5 or after) or if you don't have any subwiki, then you're not impacted by this regression.

This recovery procedure is only possible if you have a backup of your database (and more specifically of the main wiki database), prior to the upgrade to the incriminated version. Without a backup of the database, there is sadly nothing to be done, the notification filters have been lost: you can only ask your users to check their filters in the notification settings and to manually set them by watching the pages again.

If you do have a backup, then you can perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new temporary database that will be used to hold the data coming from the backup
  2. Restore in that location the main wiki database, and specifically the table named notification_filters_pref: you only need that table to be created back with all data in it
  3. Import in your wiki the attached XAR by going in the Administration > Content > Import
  4. Go to the page Main/NotificationFiltersRecovery (this page is hidden so you won't see it in the navigation by default)
  5. Type the name of your temporary database in the dedicated field and click on the "Start recovery" button
  6. Wait for the action to be finished: you should see some logs in your console logs and you will have the same output on the page when the process is finished
  7. Delete the page Main/NotificationFiltersRecovery
  8. Restart the wiki



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