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Last modified by Eduard Moraru on 2020/01/28

Jun 07 2016

Part of an "XWiki Tips and Tricks" series, today I'd like to share a sleek macro that allows you to display the most recent blog posts on your wiki in a single block.

The new Recent Blog Entries macro supports the following parameters:

  • totalEntries, that is the total number of blog post entries displayed by the macro
  • blocTitle, the title of the displayed macro
  • category, the fullName of the category document for which to display entries

Note that none of the parameters are mandatory.

For example if you write the following:

{{recentblogentries totalEntries="3" blocTitle="What's New" /}}

... you’ll get:


Clicking on the macro title takes you to the blog, clicking on the user avatar takes you to the user's profile, while clicking the blog post title takes you directly to the corresponding blog entry.

The Extension Manager can be used to install this extension. If you'd like to discover more macros, make sure you check out the dedicated extensions wiki.

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