Programming Rights Fixing Day #1

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10

Sep 01 2017

Yesterday we have our first XWiki Day related to trying to remove the need for pages to have Programming Rights(PR). The reason we wanted to fix this is because when users who don't have Programming Rights modifies a page that requires Programming Right to work, then the page becomes non-functional (it's a security protection). Of course, users then don't understand why their wiki broke and this becomes a pain point.

Here's what was achieved yesterday:

  • Thomas fixed the need for PR for the Page Index's "Deleted Pages" and "Deleted Documents" tabs.
  • Vincent implemented a way to automatically fail functional tests that execute code that require PR. Thus in the future, it should be less easy to introduce by mistake some pages requiring PR. Note that this check works only if there are functional tests exercising the feature requiring PRs... emoticon_wink
  • Thanks to Vincent's check, we discovered 2 new pages requiring PRs: Filter.WebHome (Filter Application) and XWiki.OfficeImporterAdmin (Office Import from the Admin UI).

As of now we know that the following pages require PR:

  • AppWithinMinutes.DynamicMessageTool (kept for backward-compatibility, not used)
  • AnnotationCode.Style
  • AppWithinMinutes.LiveTableEditSheet
  • AppWithinMinutes.ClassEditSheet
  • Main.Activity
  • AnnotationCode.Script
  • XWiki.OfficeImporterAdmin
  • Filter.WebHome

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