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Apr 10 2019

Lines of Code on 2019-04-10

For fun, I computed the lines of code in XWiki Standard as of 2019-04-10 (using cloc after cloning to get a clean state). Note: This is to be compared with the data provided by OpenHub for XWiki. ...

Dec 27 2017

What happened in 2017?

As the last blog post of the year, this article summarize the main events that happened during the past twelve months inside of the XWiki project. ...

Aug 10 2017

Using XWiki to build a documentation website

Example of what a website done with XWiki can look like, using the Apache Maven website as an use case. If you find this use case interesting let us know. In the future we might want to create a Documentation Flavor, with the above features, so the feedback is appreciated. ...

Jun 06 2017

Jenkins Pipeline: Attach failing test screenshot

When we run our functional tests (we use Selenium2/Webdriver), we record a screenshot when a test fails. Previously we had a Groovy Scriptler script (written by Eduard Moraru, an XWiki committer) to automatically change the description of a Jenkins test page to include the screenshot. This blog post explains the solution found to port it to a Jenkins Pipeline script. ...

Sep 21 2016

How to break an API: The XWiki view

This is an add-on to the interesting article How to break an API which shows how several projects handle backward compatibility (Eclipse, R and Node.js). This article presents the position of the XWiki open source project. ...

May 13 2016

XWiki Development Practices seen by XWiki SAS

Vincent Massol has held an internal training at XWiki SAS about the Development Practices used by the XWiki SAS product team in charge of developing the XWiki open source project (among other projects). Most of the practices detailed are those from the XWiki open source project, defined on the dev subwiki. However the slides also provide a glimpse of other development practices that are used to complement the open source practices, such as Roadmap preparation and Stakeholder meetings. ...

Dec 22 2015

OW2con'15: XWiki Product and Community

Guillaume Delhumeau, one of our developers, has recently been invited to talk at the OW2 conference about the XWiki project and its community. It's a brief resume about our governance rules, and an example of collaboration between a sponsoring company and the community. ...

Oct 19 2015

XWiki Contrib Applications Status 2015

Since we started development for XWiki 6.0 (back in the beginning of 2014) we also focused on XWiki Contrib applications. Since then 1246 issues have been created and from these 963 issues have been closed. ...

Sep 26 2014

Usability Testing Sessions

For a software product there is never enough testing or feedback. That's why we decided to do usability testing sessions with people that never heard of XWiki before, in order to see what are the barriers new comers face when trying XWiki. ...

Sep 12 2014

Presentation about XWiki.org

I prepared with Eduard Moraru a presentation for newcomers that want to start develop on top of XWiki Platform. We presented a bit the project, the community, the development process and ways of contributing. The presentation is held live so many explanations are missing from the slides, but still you can have a clear idea of the presentation's structure. ...

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