MediaWiki Extensions 2.0.0 Released

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2023/06/08

Jun 08 2023

This release focused on the syntax parser, for which various bug fixes were fixed, especially:

  • support of wiki syntax in links label
  • better support of image caption
  • better support of table caption

On the less visible side, the reasons why the major version was incremented are:

  • the Bliki library, which is the low lever MediaWiki syntax parser we are currently using, is long dead, unfortunately. So it's been forked on and that's where most low level syntax parsing related issues are going to be fixed from now on
  • to prepare the potential implementation of a new syntax parser, either from scratch or based on another library, the extension identifier of the XWiki MediaWiki syntax parser changed from org.xwiki.contrib.mediawiki:mediawiki-syntax to org.xwiki.contrib.mediawiki:mediawiki-syntax-bliki
  • to support some more recent addition to the XWiki Rendering API, the minimum supported version of XWiki jumped from 8.4 to 11.10

You can see details in the MediaWiki release notes.

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