Bug Fixing Day 15

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2020/01/28

Apr 05 2013

Yesterday we had our Bug Fixing Day #15. For the 5.x development cycle we've decided to intensify our bug fixing and invert the bugs created vs bugs fixed ratio so that we're always in the green, by having weekly BFDs.

Only 4 persons have participated this time but they've compensated by being extra active! emoticon_smile Kudos to them and shame on others! emoticon_smile


We've closed 35 bugs in the bug count! This gets us very close to being able to have more bugs closed than bugs created over the past 2 years! As of now, we just need to fix 15 more which we hope to squash in the next BFD.

Congrats everyone, and let's finish what we started during the next BFD!

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