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History of Projects Powered by XWiki — revisions from 5.2 to 24.5
From To Version Editor Date Summary
24.5 armukul 2014/07/09 {{box cssClass="floatinginfobox" title="**Contents**"}} {{toc/}} {{/box}} There's often a need to have structured information. For example you might want to use a wiki to collaboratively enter data, but you'd still like that data to be organized so that it can be searched and manipulated programmatically. In XWiki it's possible to present users with fields they have to fill in when editing a page. To learn more about this feature check the [[Developer's Guide>>DevGuide.WebHome]]. More specifically you could start by trying to write a FAQ application as described in the [[FAQ Tutorial>>DevGuide.FAQTutorialManual]]. In addition to Forms there's also a need for Templates. Templates are predefined wiki pages that can be copied when creating a new page. The Template feature is provided and documented as part of the [[Administration Application>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application]]. {{html}} = AR.Mukul Photography = {{image reference="CreatingPageUsingTemplate.png"/}} <a href="http://creativec...
23.1 Vincent Massol 2013/07/25
22.3 Vincent Massol 2013/01/18 Remove organization column which is not that useful here
21.1 Benjamin Lanciaux 2012/12/20
20.1 Vincent Massol 2012/07/05
19.1 Vincent Massol 2012/07/05
18.13 Vincent Massol 2012/07/05
17.3 Vincent Massol 2011/08/08
16.3 Vincent Massol 2010/11/25 Removed Frappr link since their site is down now, see!
15.1 Vincent Massol 2009/10/13 Rollback to version 13.1
14.1 MargaritaDorsey 2009/10/12
13.1 Asiri Rathnayake 2009/09/25
12.3 Vincent Massol 2009/09/25 Deleted object
11.1 Nikolay Kuchumov 2009/09/03 Document converted from syntax xwiki/1.0 to syntax xwiki/2.0
10.2 Vincent Massol 2009/09/03 fix 2.0 conversion
9.1 Vincent Massol 2009/08/16 Rollback to version 7.10
8.3 Jean-Vincent Drean 2009/08/06 Migrated old blog article to the new blog application
7.10 Vincent Massol 2009/05/12 Upload new image <a href="/xwiki/bin/downloadrev/References/WebHome/powered%2Dxwikiorg%2D107x39.jpg?rev=1.1">powered-xwikiorg-107x39.jpg</a>
6.1 Vincent Massol 2008/09/09 Rollback to version 4.1
5.2 Vincent Massol 2008/09/09 Added object
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