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XWiki 16.5.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 16.5.0-rc-1. The most noticeable change of this release if a revamp of the notifications watch button. In addition, the notification email contrast has been improved. This release also contains a few bug fixes, as well as improvements for developpers. See the release notes for more information. ...

MyXWiki.org upgraded to 16.4.0

myxwiki.org has been upgraded to XWiki 16.4.0. If you own a wiki hosted there, you should have a look at the release notes for this version. You should automatically get an upgrade wizard for your wiki when you login as admin. For more details, see the upgrade guide. ...

Replication 2.0.0 Released

The new major version of the Replication Application is now available. See Replication Application. ...

XWiki 16.4.0 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 16.4.0. This release contains a long awaited feature allowing to manually order the pages displayed in a page tree. It also contains a few improvements and important bug fixes such as a fix for the duplicated attachments on the filesystem storage. See the release notes for more information. ...

JIRA Macro 9.0 Released

The JIRA Macro 9.0 has been released. Supports more recent JIRA versions by upgrading the JIRA REST client used. ...

Cristal 0.8 Released

Cristal 0.8 is now released. This is the second public release of Cristal. We migrated the editor to Tiptap and introduced the first basic editing operations (e.g., quick action on /, contextual menu on select, or link editing) as well as link suggestion for the XWiki backend. Additionally, the left panel can now be resized and has been made reactive.
Finally, this is the first release of Cristal to be available on https://www.npmjs.com/ (under the @xwiki organization). See the release notes for more details. ...

Releases Notes Application 2.2 & 2.2.1 Released

The Releases Notes Application 2.2 and 2.2.1 have been released (the 2.2.1 version fixes an issue that was supposed to be fixed in 2.2 but was missed). Add support for mp4 videos in release note changes and several bug fixes related to videos. ...

XWiki 15.10.10 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 15.10.10. This is a bug fix release to fix important bugs found after releasing XWiki 15.10.9. It especially fixes an important regression introduced in XWiki 15.10.8 which can cause a permanent loss of document history, see the related blog post for more details. ...

Serious risk of history loss in XWiki 15.10.8, 15.10.9, 16.3.0 and 16.3.1

A regression related to the manipulation of the history of a page was introduced in XWiki 15.10.8 and 16.3.0, and it also impacts 15.10.9 and 16.3.1: if you move a page which contains an attachment, the history of the page will be lost, without any way to recover it (unless you have your own backup, of course). ...

LLM Application 0.3 and 0.3.1 Released

The LLM Application 0.3 and 0.3.1 has been released. Version 0.3 is a major new release with many new features and some breaking changes in the configuration and REST API, showing the beta-state of the extension. Version 0.3.1 is a bug fix release, fixing some problems that we noticed shortly after the release. These are the first versions of the extension that include the developments of the WAISE - Wiki AI Search Engine project that is funded by NGI Search. The aim of the WAISE project is to develop a chatbot that can answer question based on content that is indexed by the LLM Application. The main new feature of this release is the ability to provide collections of documents that are indexed by the application and provided as context for answering questions to the LLM. This feature is provided by the Index for the LLM Application that needs to be installed for the feature to become available. At the moment, the main use case is to index content outside XWiki as the aim of the WAISE project is to provide a generic search appliance that can be embedded in any application. Features for indexing existing content in the wiki will be provided in the future, too. To support the use case of using the chat with an external application, a token-based authentication extension has been published together with an embeddable chat UI. This allows external applications to embed a chat powered by the LLM application that also authenticates the user in XWiki to allow for authorization checks. ...

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INRA is using XWiki as a collaborative work solution for all its collaborators. INRA includes several laboratories located throughout the french territory and is deploying wikis on-demand for its different laboratories and projects.

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“10+ years of experience w/ @confluence & I must say, I'm hard pressed to find anything that I need there, that @XWiki does not provide.” Patrick Masson's X account
Patrick Masson, General Manager OSI
“I've been a follower of XWiki [...] have tried pushing it on anyone considering confluence; it's one of the few open source projects that I know of that actually has more features and work in it than most of its commercial counterparts” IRC Archive of this testimonial
Marc Mercer, CEO of CT-Unlimited
“We've been pleased and impressed with the power and flexibility XWiki has provided. Everything we've wanted to build with our wiki-based product been possible due to XWiki's well planned architecture.”
Mike Hoolehan, CTO @vCalc LLC

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