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Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10

A wiki is classically presented as a set of editable web pages by all users with permissions to them. It allows the collaborative creation of content (including text, images, videos, etc.), as well as the creation of links between different sets of content.

But some wikis, such as XWiki, go further by proposing additional features. You can compare XWiki to other solutions by clicking on the following links:

More about XWiki

XWiki allows teams of all sizes (development, support, sales, HR and marketing) to use XWiki as Knowledge Bases, Collaborative intranets or external Resource Centers to increase efficiency and better serve their users.


Beyond the advanced set of features you can expect from an advanced wiki to have, XWiki has some that will help you better organize your information: WYSIWYG editing, rights management, file attachments, PDF exporting.

XWiki also allows you to increase the organization of information using its structured data model. By adding structure to a wiki page you will ease the creation and editing of information. In combination with the nested pages features of XWiki, it will drastically improve the navigation and search capabilities.

Affordable & Reliable

XWiki is free to use and download due to its Open Source nature, compared to other proprietary software which defines its pricing by the number of users. We believe Open Source is about your own choices, making it the safest path from an investment point of view.

You choose where you deploy, what services you use and what features you need. XWiki can be deployed both on your server or on our cloud, but the best thing is that you can change your mind at any given time.


XWiki is being developed thinking of extensibility, adaptability and flexibility. We believe any software should adapt to its users and not the opposite. Being an Open Source software, XWiki supports full customization, allowing developers to exactly meet the needs of any company or individual.

XWiki provides a vast collection of extensions, but what differentiates XWiki is the ability to create your own apps in just a few minutes without technical knowledge. Just drag and drop. App within Minutes will take care of the rest.

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