Last modified by Simon Urli on 2022/01/03

We love to hear feedback about XWiki! This is what helps us progress.

There are several ways you can give feedback about XWiki and thus help the project:


You can read existing testimonials and add your own one. This gives us energy to continue developing XWiki! emoticon_smile


We have 2 ongoing surveys on to collect feedback, please fill them:

Survey Results

We've also done several one-time surveys in the past. Here are the results of all surveys we've done so far:


Specific list of Forum threads related to gather feedback (newer first):


Don't hesitate to give us feedback on the XWiki mailing lists/forum.

Report issues


You can report bugs on the dedicated JIRA.

Report vulnerabilities

If you found a new vulnerability, you should look our Security Policy for finding how to report.

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