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A skin is a visual organization of content for wiki pages. It's different from Color Themes which are set of colors for the various elements of a skin. Note that a given skin must support Color Themes to use them.

Skins in XWiki

The latest version of XWiki bundles the following skins by default:

You can find the full list of existing skins on the Extensions wiki.


Some Skins developed by the XWiki dev team (see more):

flamingo.png  Colibri.png Toucan.png

Some Custom skins developed by XWiki users:

123Ocean.png Demo360overheid.png Adetem.png AaronRodgers1.jpg aixmxwiki.png ALPHABib.png APICe.png Aelia.png Airria.png AlbertDeMun.png Alenty.png Anticipedia.png Artsys.png AscTec.png Athento.png AXEO.png bestventes.png Bonita.png Bpi.png brabantia.jpg BrookesHub.png Rimay.png CCFC.png CLC.png CNAM-LR.png CNAM-PCH.png caastnet.png CampusNumerique20.png AboutCapDigital.png CartoPass.png CdLS World.png Chronopolys.png CinquiemeSens.png CondoWiki.jpg Contrail.png CosGov.png Curriki.png defacto.png DevForceResourceCenter.png EDOS.png Effea.png ElsaBlog.png epec.png EasyBeans.png EasyBeansWiki.png EasyVista.png Ecowash.png Effinergie.png energisa.jpg EE.png MiltonFerreira.png gmx.png GloboTraders.png GoMetric.png I2GEOSmall.png IDIS.png Schichtbericht-150-1025x780.png wikiinra.png Inemar.png InisAlga.png JASMINe.png AntonioGoncalves.png Wiki Showcase.mp4 Jonas.png KEN.png KUSP_Xwiki.png 1711636030339-389.png laura.jpg CmLht2qWAAAIKaq.jpg-large LinXeaWiki Main Page.png Mandriva ClubXWiki.png Mapa.png Markess.png marketingpourpme.png MavenBook.JPG muhi.jpg NFDC.png NOiV.png Nearbee.png Nepomuk.png NetcipiaFull.png OERSpeakApps_XWiki.png oph.png HomePage.png ossgtp.png ow2.png ObjectWebConference.png ObsBBCFichePeda.png OdoLv.png OpenCS.png OpenCloudware.png orangegears.png Orchestra.png Ouverture.png OxygenKernelSite.jpg PJBUG.png Petals.png pgwl-screen-small.jpg PlanetePerformance.png Sankore.png RDM.png Requea.png RomaFramework.png SASci.png scryve.png SemanticDesktop.png helwiki.png Sentilo.png Sirius71.png SpagoWorld.png Spicy Pixel.png Springer.png Surrey Biodiversity Partnership - Home - WebHome_1194349099261.png sg.jpg SystemWerks.png Technitoit.png TCMT.png Thales.png TiraGoMobile.png TripAdvisor1.png Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza1174083835497.png uPhotoMeasure.png USH.png WaterWiki.png WebtopProject.png WikiSkills.png wikisym.png CNFPT.png Wikipeople.png Wosah.png XWIKI.png XWikiCom.png alice.png CadpointXWiki.png ekm.png eRes.png eXoXWiki.png entsoe.png iDivaHomePage.png iWiki-DevDur.png xwiki-scrub.png Screenshot 2014-07-18 17.12.42.png sequilox.png synventis.png vCalc.png SystemWerks.PNG 

Changing the Skin

A skin can be changed at different levels:

  • For the whole wiki
  • For a given space
  • For a given user

In order to change the skin at wiki and space level, the user has to be an administrator for the current XWiki instance. To find more about how to change a skin, check the Changing the Skin section in the Admin Guide.

More about XWiki Skins

Skins Extensions

Skins extensions (or, abbreviated SX) are an alternative for developers who want to modify the layout and behavior of certain or all documents in their wiki without the need of changing its skin templates and/or stylesheets. The Skin extensions mechanism, available in all versions of XWiki superior to 1.5, provide the developers with the possibility of pulling extra stylesheets and Javascript files that are not bundled with the skin. You can find out more about Skin Extensions by reading the Skin Extensions Tutorial in the Developer Guide.

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