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General Information


Our primary objective in leveraging XWiki for knowledge management is to foster a comprehensive, centralized system for managing knowledge modules and content. This is achieved through an array of dynamic digital support options, promoting collaboration via comments, annotations, and an array of other knowledge-enhancing functionalities. We draw on established responsibilities related to processes, products, and projects to ensure stringent content oversight. The pillars of our knowledge management support functions encompass:

  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • A streamlined process for creating and editing content
  • A powerful, customizable search function spanning specific areas or entire wikis
  • A comprehensive, unexpiring article history
  • Customizible Workflows and a well thought-out Change-Requests-Feature
  • Collaboration-enabler thanks to realtime editing.
  • Timely alerts for new content or updates
  • Seamless expandability with various apps (e.g., blogs, forums)
  • A convenient commenting feature


Johanneswerk operates across a wide range of sectors. We provide an array of support services designed to assist the elderly, the sick, the dying, as well as young individuals and families. Our services are tailored to offer help in instances of disability, illness, or crisis. These services are readily accessible in residential facilities, homes, workshops, or any other necessary location. In addition, we offer a suite of professional services to commercial and industrial clients across various sectors.

With an impressive portfolio of over 70 facilities and a multitude of services, schools, factories, and subsidiaries spread across more than 30 locations in North Rhine-Westphalia, Johanneswerk proudly stands as one of Germany's largest diaconal organizations.

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