How can I hide a space for some users?

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10

Starting with XWiki 4.0 there's now an option in user profiles to hide page containing technical content so that they are not listed by default. This feature is enabled by default.

Thus to hide a space from being visible you need to hide all the pages it contains. You can do that by navigating to each page, edit it and check the "Hidden" checkbox.

Prior to XWiki 4.0

Before 4.0 we had the notion of "blacklisted spaces". You can edit the file called xwikivars.vm (see the Skin page to learn about overriding/modifying/creating Skins) and modify the line that contains the following by adding more spaces to exclude:

#if ($hasAdmin || $isAdvancedUser)
  #set ($blacklistedSpaces = [])
  #set ($blacklistedSpaces = ['Import', 'Panels', 'Scheduler', 'Stats', 'XAppClasses', 'XAppSheets', 'XAppTemplates', 'XWiki', 'WatchCode', 'WatchSheets', 'XApp', 'WatchAdmin', 'Watch', 'ColorThemes', 'AnnotationCode'])

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