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3 XWiki Enterprise 2.1 is a release focusing on stabilization and building on the new features introduced in XWiki Enterprise 2.0 (See the initial [[Roadmap>>Main.Roadmap]]).
5 = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki Enterprise 2.0.x) =
7 == 1 User Interface ==
9 * Complete re-design of the actions menus
10 * Split the top menu into 2: one for wiki and space level actions and one for page level actions(((
11 [[image:menu1.png]]
12 )))
13 * Reorganized the wiki and space level actions: Some Watch actions, the Wiki and Space administration actions have been moved there.(((
14 [[image:menu2.png]] [[image:menu3.png]]
15 )))
16 * The user action menu now allows to manager the user's watchlist.(((
17 [[image:menu4.png]]
18 )))
19 * Reorganized the page level actions (there's now a "More Actions" menu) and the action to watch the current page is moved on the right.(((
20 [[image:menu5.png]] [[image:menu6.png]] [[image:menu7.png]]
21 )))
22 * Added back the ability to view the source of a page
23 * Note that the new top level menu (Wiki and Space actions) is a good entry point in the future for providing navigation between wikis in a wiki farm.
25 For a more detailed description on how the new action menus work please consult the [[dedicated page>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.PageEditing]].
27 == 2 Overhauled Blog Application ==
29 * The Blog application is now using the xwiki/2.0 syntax and the new WYSIWYG editor! Yeah, at last :)
30 * [[Several bug fixes and improvements>>]] have been brought to the Blog application.
32 == 3 Usability ==
34 * When renaming a page, also update the "parent" field of subpages (Patch from Caleb James De Lisle)
35 * Updated translations: de (including WYSIWYG), es, fr (including WYSIWYG), gl, lv, nl, pl, ro, sv, zh
36 * Lots of improvements and bugfixes in order to conform to the [[Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)>>]].
37 * Macro parameter pretty names are now displayed in the WYSIWYG
39 == 4 Others ==
41 * WYSIWYG editor performance improvement (Minimize and aggregate WYSIWYG editor stylesheets at build time to reduce the number of HTTP requests)
42 * Allow XWiki.XWikiAllGroup to be an implicit group, containing all the users without explicitly listing them as objects
43 * New renderer for mathematical formulae based on the Google Chart APIs (see the [[Formula Macro Documentation>>extensions:Extension.Formula Macro]]).
44 * Added PHP support through the new [[PHP Macro>>extensions:Extension.PHP Macro]] (note that this Macro is not bundled by default, you'll need to install it).
45 * Ability to register a component for the current user or for the current wiki instead of globally. Note that this will be used in the near future to allow registering Wiki Macros in multiwiki mode without the macros being visible in other wikis.
46 * Upgraded to JbossCache 3.2.1GA version
47 * Upgraded to Groovy 1.7 Beta 2
48 * [[Several Lucene Search plugin bug fixes>>]]
50 = Known issues =
52 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
54 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
56 == General Notes ==
58 {{warning}}If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property // to your //xwiki.cfg// file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in <tt>,db2,...//.{{/warning}}
60 You may also want to [[import the default wiki XAR>>Main.Download]] in order to benefit from improvements listed above.
62 {{warning}}Always make sure you compare your //xwiki.cfg// file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Of note, you should add // so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.{{/warning}}
64 == Migration Notes ==
66 * The CSS for the Search Panel has been modified to apply to the CLASS attributes ##globalsearch## and ##globalsearchinput## (See [[XSCOLIBRI-85>>]] for more details). As a result you'll need to reimport the Panels.Search panel (from the XE XAR for example) in your wiki or the search panel will not be displayed correctly.
68 == API Breakages ==
70 The following APIs were modified since XWiki Enterprise 2.0.x:
72 === Rendering api ===
74 * properties (rendering macros api and xwiki-properties module) "name" field has been changed for "id" and "name" now mean display/pretty name
76 {{code language="none"}}
77 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.block.HeaderBlock: Method 'public void generateId()' has been removed
78 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.block.HeaderBlock: Method 'public java.lang.String getPlainTextTitle()' has been removed
79 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.listener.chaining.LookaheadChainingListener: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.rendering.listener.chaining.LookaheadChainingListener$Event getNextEvent()' has been changed to org.xwiki.rendering.listener.QueueListener$Event
80 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.listener.chaining.LookaheadChainingListener: Return type of method 'public org.xwiki.rendering.listener.chaining.LookaheadChainingListener$Event getNextEvent(int)' has been changed to org.xwiki.rendering.listener.QueueListener$Event
81 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.listener.chaining.LookaheadChainingListener$Event: Class org.xwiki.rendering.listener.chaining.LookaheadChainingListener$Event removed
82 [ERROR] org.xwiki.rendering.macro.descriptor.ParameterDescriptor: Method 'public java.lang.String getId()' has been added to an interface
83 {{/code}}

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