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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.4.2

This is a bug fix release. This is also the last release of branch 1.4.

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Summary of changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.4.1


  • XWIKI-1284 - Image disappears from WYSIWYG editor in documents with special characters in name
  • XWIKI-2317 - Documents created from APIs starts at version 2.1
  • XWIKI-2453 - Wrong use of cache in LDAP authenticator
  • XWIKI-2461 - NPE when in LDAP group synchronization LDAP fail to get group's members
  • XWIKI-2468 - sql exception during delete virtual wiki in Oracle
  • XWIKI-2474 - When in a wiki with URL http:///, URL factory generate "secure" wikis URLs as https://:80/ in place of https:///
  • XWIKI-2475 - Empty table displays error
  • XWIKI-2482 - {table} with space after newline in cell fails to render
  • XWIKI-2485 - Calling the Flush Cache API prevents Users and Groups from being deleted properly
  • XWIKI-2487 - Hiding the edit comment field doesn't work
  • XWIKI-2514 - Velocity renderer loop (Stack Overflow)
  • XWIKI-2543 - LDAP authentication lost during a session if user synchronisation fail
  • XWIKI-2548 - When updating user LDAP should check if given field key exists in users's class
  • XWIKI-2579 - Free Superadmin access for girliz
  • XWIKI-2605 - LDAP authentication fail when user already exist and contains ldap_dn field emptied by hand
  • XWIKI-2608 - Superadmin doesn't have programming rights on sub-wikis


  • XWIKI-2557 - Updated German translation of ApplicationResources, customized to XWiki Versions from 1.2 to 1.4.1

    New Feature

Known issues

Common Migration notes

The database structure hasn't been changed since XWiki Enterprise 1.4 so you shouldn't have to touch your Database to upgrade. Thus you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database.

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from improvements listed above.

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