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Release Notes for XWiki 1.1 Milestone 2

More usability improvements for the default wiki.

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Changes from 1.1 Milestone 1

Main changes:

  • Lots of bugs fixed
  • WYSIWYG editor improvements:
    • Added new toolbar icon for creating horizontal lines
    • Added new toolbar icon for removing all styling on the selected text
    • Make current cell visible when selected in a table
  • Improved Photo Album performances
  • When deleting a page, first show the list of pages linking to it and warn about them
  • Improved AllDocs page on the default wiki by adding an Index with A-Z links and added a Treeview tab for showing pages with parent-children relationships AllDocsIndex.png AllDocsTreeview.png
  • The Navigation panel now displays all pages when the logged in user has Admin rights
  • The "Recently Created", "Recently Visited" and "Members" Panels now only display the last 5 elements
  • Added a cancel button to the Rename page
  • Added support for the Derby Database and bundled version of Derby
  • The Zip Explorer plugin and the AutoTag plugins are now activated by default in the default configurations
  • Added new "Recently Modified Documents" Panel
  • New space rights inheritance mechanism

+ lots of other changes.

List of pages changed in the default wiki

  • Main.AllDocs
  • XWiki.Treeview (added)
  • XWiki.ArticleClass
  • XWiki.XWikiPreferences
  • XWiki.Results
  • XWiki.WebHome
  • Panels.Navigation
  • Panels.BackLinks
  • Panels.BlogCategories
  • Panels.Members
  • Panels.MiniSearch (removed)
  • Panels.Navigation
  • Panels.OrphanedPages
  • Panels.Panel Title (removed)
  • Panels.Recently Created
  • Panels.Recently Modified (added)
  • Panels.RecentlyVisited
  • Panels.Search
  • Panels.SpaceDocs
  • Panels.Test Panel (removed)
  • Panels.Welcome
  • Panels.WelcomeMember (removed)
  • Blog.WebHome
  • Blog.WikiLaunch (moved from Main.WikiLaunch)
  • Main.Ouverture (removed)
  • Main.Test (removed)

Known issues

  • Bugs we know about
  • The first time you execute 1.1 Milestone 2 the top level Menu can display "$msg(...)" items instead of the correct text. Refreshing the page fixes it. This is registered as Issue 1385.

Migrating from 1.0 or from 1.1 Milestone 1

There have been no changes to the database structure so you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database. However you may want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from improvements listed above. You'll find above the list of pages that have been modified so you can restrict your import to those pages if you're already using a XWiki 1.0 XAR.

Migrating from versions earlier than 1.0

Check the release notes for 1.0.

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