Release notes for XWiki Office 1.1 RC1

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

Summary of changes introduced in version 1.1 RC1

  • Document compare and conflict resolution
  • Page version checking when publishing
  • Other bug fixes

XOffice 1.1 RC1 is only compatible with XWiki 2.2 M1 or above


For a complete guide to XWord features be sure to check our User Guide.

Known issues

Detailed release notes

Release Notes - XWiki MS Office Integration - Version 1.1 RC1


  • [XOFFICE-218] - Edited pages should be declared as published
  • [XOFFICE-219] - Navigating trough the wiki explorer does not add the pages to the wiki structure
  • [XOFFICE-220] - Table title and subtitle attributes are not cleaned by filters
  • [XOFFICE-223] - Buttons in "Wiki Explorer Selection" are active although not connected to a server


  • [XOFFICE-178] - Add conflict resolution when saving a page


  • [XOFFICE-189] - Add getPageHistory to the xmlrpc client api
  • [XOFFICE-224] - Add the XWiki REST model to the Connectivity models


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