Release notes for XWiki Office 1.1 M2

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

Summary of changes introduced in version 1.1 M2

  • Optional startup
  • Document refresh
  • View active document in browser
  • Changed Wiki Explorer toggle behavior
  • Cleaner output

XOffice 1.1 M2 is only compatible with XWiki 2.2 M1 or above


For a complete guide to XWord features be sure to check our User Guide.

Known issues

Detailed release notes

Release Notes - XWiki MS Office Integration - Version 1.1 M2


  • [XOFFICE-185] - Logging fails on restricted security machines
  • [XOFFICE-190] - Navigator actions are still enabled on the wiki after leaving the wiki explorer
  • [XOFFICE-192] - Problem publishing an existing document from Word - user prompted to reenter the space and page name
  • [XOFFICE-194] - "View in browser" doesn't work
  • [XOFFICE-196] - Fix text that appears when hovering over the "Show attachments" button
  • [XOFFICE-204] - "Wiki Explorer" button still highlighted in the ribbon after the wiki explorer has been closed
  • [XOFFICE-210] - Error when trying to publish a chart from Word
  • [XOFFICE-212] - First save of a document containing images fails
  • [XOFFICE-213] - Word adds a "Section1" class attribute to the parent div


  • [XOFFICE-77] - Connect at start-up option
  • [XOFFICE-201] - Add browsing history to the server url textbox
  • [XOFFICE-209] - Make all words in buttons in the "XWord" ribbon start with a capital letter

New Feature

  • [XOFFICE-176] - Add a button that will refresh the page when you click it
  • [XOFFICE-191] - Add a button to view the current document in the browser


  • [XOFFICE-214] - Hide the client type dropdown in the default build


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