Release notes for XWiki Office 1.1

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

This release contains important improvements in the ribbon, connection options, text formatting and many bug fixes.

New and Noteworthy (since XOffice 1.0)

Optional Startup

You can now choose whether or not you want XOffice to connect to Microsoft Word at startup. To connect every time you start your word editor go to the XWord tab and click on "XWord Options". Check "Connect at startup" in the resulting dialog.

OptionalStartup.png OptionalStartup2.png

Document refresh and View active document in browser

The ribbon has been updated since 1.0 with new buttons:


Styling support for XWord 2007 and better text formatting

Changes you make to content in Microsoft Word will appear on your wiki as well.



Page version checking when publishing

Every time you click the "Publish Document" button XWord checks for any changes that might have occurred since you last opened/saved the document. If the page suffered modifications you'll be asked whether you want to merge the two versions or not. This is especially useful when two people are editing a document at the same time.


Document compare and conflict resolution

XWord 1.1 helps you resolve conflicts between two different versions of the same document. Make sure you click yes when the page version checking is performed (above image). You can now see the original document, the revised document and the combined document that highlights the changes in the two pages.


Go to the "Review" tab in the ribbon. Here you may accept changes (one by one or all changes at once) and reject changes in the document (individually or all). To go through each change click the Previous/Next Buttons.

AcceptChanges.png RejectChanges.png

For a complete guide to XWord features be sure to check our User Guide.


Known issues

Detailed release notes

New Features

  • [XOFFICE-176] - Add a button that will refresh the page when you click it
  • [XOFFICE-191] - Add a button to view the current document in the browser

Fixed Bugs

  • [XOFFICE-133] - CorrectAttributesCleaner pre-DOM filter introduces quotes inside attributes values
  • [XOFFICE-144] - Client type not rollbacked when pressing cancel on settings dialog
  • [XOFFICE-156] - Spelling mistake on "Upload"
  • [XOFFICE-181] - Coloured text in Word is black when you see it in the browser
  • [XOFFICE-185] - Logging fails on restricted security machines
  • [XOFFICE-186] - Can't save documents that contains french accents
  • [XOFFICE-190] - Navigator actions are still enabled on the wiki after leaving the wiki explorer
  • [XOFFICE-192] - Problem publishing an existing document from Word - user prompted to reenter the space and page name
  • [XOFFICE-194] - "View in browser" doesn't work
  • [XOFFICE-196] - Fix text that appears when hovering over the "Show attachments" button
  • [XOFFICE-204] - "Wiki Explorer" button still highlighted in the ribbon after the wiki explorer has been closed
  • [XOFFICE-210] - Error when trying to publish a chart from Word
  • [XOFFICE-212] - First save of a document containing images fails
  • [XOFFICE-213] - Word adds a "Section1" class attribute to the parent div
  • [XOFFICE-218] - Edited pages should be declared as published
  • [XOFFICE-219] - Navigating trough the wiki explorer does not add the pages to the wiki structure
  • [XOFFICE-220] - Table title and subtitle attributes are not cleaned by filters
  • [XOFFICE-223] - Buttons in "Wiki Explorer Selection" are active although not connected to a server


  • [XOFFICE-77] - Connect at start-up option
  • [XOFFICE-159] - One of the actions in dialog boxes should be highlighted
  • [XOFFICE-178] - Add conflict resolution when saving a page
  • [XOFFICE-187] - Use "onPage" ssx for style support
  • [XOFFICE-201] - Add browsing history to the server url textbox
  • [XOFFICE-209] - Make all words in buttons in the "XWord" ribbon start with a capital letter


  • [XOFFICE-124] - Convert inline styles to CSS classes
  • [XOFFICE-125] - Convert css classes to inline styles
  • [XOFFICE-126] - Optimize css classes
  • [XOFFICE-127] - Implements AddObject and GetObject methods for XWikiXMLRPCClient
  • [XOFFICE-128] - Methods for sending and getting stylesheet extensions for a page
  • [XOFFICE-129] - Local To Web Style Support
  • [XOFFICE-130] - Web To Local Style Filter
  • [XOFFICE-132] - Validate DOM on cleaning tests
  • [XOFFICE-134] - Improve HeadSectionRemover pre-DOM filter
  • [XOFFICE-136] - Set 'cache' property to 'long' for SSX objects created by XWord
  • [XOFFICE-138] - Create UICommons project to contain shared addins UI
  • [XOFFICE-143] - Move XWordSettings in XWikiLib
  • [XOFFICE-145] - Move LoginData in XWikiLib
  • [XOFFICE-172] - Convert content to target syntax when saving a page
  • [XOFFICE-174] - Use new rendering methods when opening a page for edit
  • [XOFFICE-189] - Add getPageHistory to the xmlrpc client api
  • [XOFFICE-214] - Hide the client type dropdown in the default build
  • [XOFFICE-224] - Add the XWiki REST model to the Connectivity models


  • [XOFFICE-137] - Use/demand the stylesheet extension object in current page
  • [XOFFICE-140] - Move AddinSettingsForm to UICommons
  • [XOFFICE-141] - Move AddPageForm to UICommons


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