Release Notes for XWiki Office 1.0 Milestone 3

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

Third release of the Microsoft Word add-in that provides integration between XWiki and Microsoft Office. This is the last beta release for the 1.0 version.


Summary of changes introduced in version 1.0 M3

  • Basic XML-RPC support
    • Opening, editing & publishing pages(XHTML content only)
    • Downloading, opening, editing & uploading attachments
    • Viewing the wiki in the Wiki Explorer
  • Support for multiple encodings
  • Improved wiki explorer
    • Unpublished data is now rendered in the tree view
    • New pages trigger auto-refresh
    • Better sync with the other windows
    • Edit page is not slowed by wiki explorer any more(faster refreshing and data load)
  • Inhibited unnecessary Word messages & dialogs
  • Better sync between Word instances
  • Better & cleaner output
  • List of jira issues

Known issues



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