Release notes for XWiki Office 1.0

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24


Summary of features for version 1.0

  • Create new wiki pages
  • Open and edit existing wiki pages in Word
  • Download and edit attachments
  • Upload attachments
  • Export Word documents to the wiki
  • Wiki Explorer
  • Automatic updates

XWord extends the Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon by displaying a new tab, that offers you the ability to work with XWiki.


To add a new page all you have to do is click the "Add page" button in the ribbon.


The Wiki Explorer, located on the right side of the screen, contains a tree view with the spaces and pages on your wiki server. Each node in the tree view has a context menu, that works in a similar manner as the Wiki Explorer group in the ribbon

WikiExplorer.png ContextMenu.png

Downloading attachments is very easy. All you have to do is select the attachment from the Wiki Explorer and right click to download it.


For a complete guide to XWord features be sure to check our User Guide.

Summary of the changes introduced from XOffice 1.0 RC1

  • Supported XWiki versions are now: 2.0.4, 2.1 and above
  • Fixed saving issue for XWiki 2.0 syntax
  • Faster startup
  • Fixed focus issues

Known issues

Detailed release notes

Release Notes - XWiki MS Office Integration - Version 1.0


  • [XOFFICE-82] - Text display problem on Windows with large DPI settings
  • [XOFFICE-114] - Publishing documents saves last active opened wiki page
  • [XOFFICE-116] - Table attributes 'colspan' and 'rowspan' are removed on cleaning.
  • [XOFFICE-119] - Focus problems when editing multiple documents
  • [XOFFICE-144] - Client type not rollbacked when pressing cancel on settings dialog
  • [XOFFICE-156] - Spelling mistake on "Upload"


  • [XOFFICE-85] - Add IDesign code style rules to solution
  • [XOFFICE-100] - Speed up Word startup time
  • [XOFFICE-159] - One of the actions in dialog boxes should be highlighted


  • [XOFFICE-69] - Write tests for pre-DOM filters
  • [XOFFICE-70] - Write tests for DOM filters
  • [XOFFICE-118] - Rename dependencies folder to a friendly name
  • [XOFFICE-120] - Refactor DOM filters
  • [XOFFICE-121] - Refactor pre-DOM filters
  • [XOFFICE-123] - DownloadImage method should use IXWikiClient
  • [XOFFICE-127] - Implements AddObject and GetObject methods for XWikiXMLRPCClient
  • [XOFFICE-132] - Validate DOM on cleaning tests
  • [XOFFICE-134] - Improve HeadSectionRemover pre-DOM filter
  • [XOFFICE-143] - Move XWordSettings in XWikiLib
  • [XOFFICE-145] - Move LoginData in XWikiLib
  • [XOFFICE-171] - Add support for rendering conversion
  • [XOFFICE-172] - Convert content to target syntax when saving a page
  • [XOFFICE-174] - Use new rendering methods when opening a page for edit



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