Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2010/11/23

Release Notes for XEclipse 1.1

  • XECLIPSE-70 - Invalid text in delete dialog box
  • XECLIPSE-84 - Invalid version displayed when editing a page
  • XECLIPSE-87 - Cannot reconnect after disconnecting
  • XECLIPSE-89 - Login name with space
  • XECLIPSE-23 - Double-clicking on a tree node should open the node
  • XECLIPSE-73 - Add edit working set feature
  • XECLIPSE-77 - In preview panel, display the current URL and allow typing any URL
  • XECLIPSE-78 - In preview pane, add right click action to open the current URL in external browser
  • XECLIPSE-81 - Let user decide if they want to overwrite the server version rather than merge it

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