Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager 3.4 Milestone 1

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

New and Noteworthy

XWiki Enterprise Manager is now using XWiki Enterprise 3.4 Milestone 1. See the XWiki Enterprise 3.4 Milestone 1 release notes.

  • XWIKI-7265: UserDirectory lists Admin twice in created workspace
  • XWIKI-7297: Saving/Creating a document that is not located on the current wiki sets the author relative to the current wiki instead of the wiki of the saved document
  • XWIKI-7305: Make sure that Workspaces related menus don't affect subwiki local users
  • XWIKI-7315: Wiki macros are not registered in workspaces
  • XWIKI-7321: The "empty index" option on the main wiki Administration: Search does not work for a list of wikis
  • XWIKI-7353: Fix workspace issues related to the fact that the local Admin is missing
  • XWIKI-7360: Invalid "see changes" link in multiwiki mode for Activity stream event
  • XWIKI-7283: Improve the workspace panel
  • XWIKI-7310: Change the default value of xwiki.virtual.usepath to 1

Known issues

Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes

See the XWiki Enterprise 3.4 Milestone 1 Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes.


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