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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.2 Milestone 2

This is the second XEM version.

Changes from XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.4 Milestone 1

Based on XWiki Enterprise 1.4M2 (was XWiki Enterprise 1.4M1)

All Application Manager 1.2 fixes and new features

  • XAAM-58: Search feature does not support fields values other than String

See Jira for full list of fixed bugs and new features: Application Manager

All Wiki Manager 1.2 Milestone 2 bug fixes and new features

  • XAWM-66: Add link to switch between "wizard" wiki creation and "normal" wiki creation 
  • XAWM-71: Remove "public" and "private" and move "template" to boolean property
  • XAWM-72: In wiki creation, templates should be listed by pretty names in place of identifiers
  • XAWM-73: Makes Main.WebHome the default home page for a new wiki
Bug fixes
  • XAWM-67: After wiki creation applyed "doc" and "stepbystep", parameters are lost
  • XAWM-70: In wiki descriptor sheet page alias description does not have translation

See Jira for full list of fixed bugs and new features: Wiki Manager

Known issues


See XWiki Enterprise Installation documentation.

Migrate from XEM 1.2M1

Modified documents

  • [Modif] XWiki.XWikiServerClass
  • [Modif] XWiki.XWikiServerClassSheet
  • [Modif] XWiki.XWikiServerClassTemplate
  • [Modif] WikiResources.Translations
  • [Modif] WikiManager.WebHome
  • [Modif] WikiManager.CreateNewWiki
  • [Add] WikiCode.SetWikiTemplateCode
  • [Del] WikiCode.SetWikiVisibilityCode

Common Migration notes

When XE dependency change the xar attached to XemManager.Install change. So XemManager.Install is different fr almost all XEM versions.

See XWiki Enterprise 1.4M2 Common Migration notes


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