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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.2

This version follow XWiki Enterpriser 1.4 goals.

Changes since XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.1

Now depends on XWiki Enterprise 1.4.1

Validate provided wiki name using ajax

When wiki identifier is typed in the wiki creation page it is validated on the file and you can't launch wiki creation if you use an empty wiki identifier or an already existing wiki identifier. emptywikiname.png invalidwikiname.png validwikiname.png

4 Usability Improvements

  • Add link to switch between "wizard" wiki creation and "normal" wiki creation
  • In wiki creation, templates should be listed by pretty names in place of identifiers
  • Makes Main.WebHome the default home page for a new wiki
  • Remove "public" and "private" and move "template" to boolean property

3 Important bugs fixed

  • Can't recreate a wiki which just been deleted
  • When creating a new application the application name is not stored in the new object describing the application
  • Users last modifications panel does not take into account current user

1 Others

  • Broken translations in wikis descriptors sheet page

Known issues

Common Migration notes

See XWiki Enterprise 1.4.1 Common Migration notes

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