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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager (XEM) 1.0 Milestone 3

The main modifications since XEM 1.0M2 are all XE 1.2 branch new features as XEM 1.0M3 is now based on XE 1.2 Release Candidate 3.

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New features and bug fixes in 1.0 Milestone 3 (from 1.0 Milestone 2)

Based on XWiki Enterprise 1.2 Release Candidate 3

All Application Manager 1.0 Milestone 3 features

  • XAAM-28: Add authors field to applications descriptors.
  • XAAM-29: Add license field to applications descriptors.


See Jira for full list of fixed bugs and new features: Application Manager

All Wiki Manager 1.0 Milestone 3 features

  • XAWM-23: Separate wiki and wiki alias concepts.
  • XAWM-26: Add pretty name field to wikis decriptors.
  • XAWM-29: Add users or groups rights at wiki creation time.


See Jira for full list of fixed bugs and new features: Wiki Manager

XWiki Enterprise Manager application

  • XEM-78: Add default "xwiki" wiki descriptor.
  • XEM-65: Make Application Manager and Wiki Manager more easily accessible.


See Jira for full list of fixed bugs and new features: XEM

Known issues


A XEM installation works like XWiki Enterprise (XE). Thus to install XEM check the XE installation instructions

When compared to XE, XEM is different in the following areas:

  • Actually at this time only MySQL and Oracle databases engines are supported.
  • You'll have to configure your database so that it has the rights to create new databases. See the Virtualization guide for details on how to do this.

Once you have finished the standard XE-like installation, go to the XEM home page and follow the instructions there.

Migration from XEM 1.0M2

XWiki Enterprise Manager now depends on XWiki Enterprise 1.2. All migration works to make is from XWiki Enterpise 1.1.2 to 1.2RC3. See XWiki Enterprise documentation or XWiki Enterprise RC3 release note.

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