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Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Changes from XWiki Workspaces 1.0 Milestone 2

  • Bugs solved
    • XWS-17 - JavaScript error when uploading photos
    • XWS-29 - With IE6, selected users does not appear in the list when adding members to a space group
    • XWS-33 - On a private workspace, only admins can access content, not writers and readers
    • XWS-37 - Readers are not displayed in the directory of a space
    • XWS-38 - List numbers are not shown in the WYSIWYG & view mode
    • XWS-40 - Lightboxes are displayed real bad in IE6
    • XWS-41 - Writers and readers rights are inverted in a workspace
    • XWS-42 - Impossible to set a category for a Wiki Page : the active field is automatically changed when we click on the categories Select
    • XWS-43 - A macro is not evaluated when comparing two versions
    • XWS-49 - The tooltips displayed when we are over the "My Profile" & "MyDashboard" buttons are not translated
    • XWS-50 - The dates are formated differently on the different pages
    • XWS-56 - Comments do not show up anymore in wiki pages, blog posts and photo albums
    • XWS-59 - Missing activitystream hibernate mapping in the war distribution
    • XWS-60 - Galleries with empty description generates two entries in gallery list

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