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Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.0 RC2

 Version 1.0 release candidate 2 brings a couple of bug fixes.

Changes from 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Release Notes - XWiki Watch - Version 1.0 RC2

  • Bugs
    • Feed renaming not applied to articles
    • Cannot change the reader stylesheet from the wiki any longer
    • Feed rename is not reflected by the wiki pages
    • Make XWiki Watch compatible with IE6 / IE7
    • Poor performance on IE browsers
    • Impossible to remove all tags from an article
    • Scaling issue under FF3
    • Feed rename changes the feed name field which is used as feed key
  • Improvements
    • Add a link to the Watch main page from the xwiki main page in the standalone distribution
    • Change Watch to make it Toucan-compliant
    • "Loading status" popup improvement
      • Improve LoadingStatus print to reflect feed rename and optimize queries

Known issues

Bugs we know about

Note that XWiki Watch does not work properly with an Oracle database yet. See XWATCH-103


See the Extensions page for Watch.

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