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Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.0 Milestone 2

Version 1.0 milestone 2 brings a couple of bug fixes and improvements. 

Changes from 1.0 Milestone 1

  • New Features :
    • A Wiki integration: now every data collected/created (feeds, fetched feed articles, tags, keywords and groups) through the AJAX/GWT UI is accessible via classical XWiki pages
    • A maven 2 build was created for XWiki Watch, for developers to build XWiki Watch with a single line command
  • Bug fixes :
    • The way feed edition takes place has been changed to improve the access to the edit dialog. 
    • The groupnames displayed near keywords and in feed add dialog has been changed to the pretty-name of the group instead of the document name
    • Feedtree does not close on feed reload anymore.
    • Filtering keywords with groups has been fixed.
    • Current keyword highlight has been fixed to differentiate on the group of the keyword.
  • Improvements :
    • The keyword list is refreshed upon adition of a new keyword.
    • The distribution watch now uses generated javascript gwt code instead of the one stored as an attachment in the xar.
    • A confirm box was added for the deletion of feeds.

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