Common User Name Differentiator

Last modified by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2023/06/19

It's now possible to configure an user property to be used as differentiator (hint) when displaying users in compact mode, in order to better identify users that have common or similar names. You can use an existing user property, like address, or a custom user property that you need to add first (e.g. the position inside the organization). This can be done from file:

#-# [Since 14.10.12]
#-# [Since 15.5RC1]
#-# When displaying an user in a compact mode we usually rely only on the user avatar and their full name. If this is
#-# not enough to properly identify the user then this configuration can be used to display additional information.
#-# The name of the user property to be used as qualifier (hint) when displaying the user in a compact mode. This
#-# configuration is not set by default, which means no additional information is displayed:
# user.display.qualifierProperty =

For instance:

user.display.qualifierProperty = address

At the moment this configuration is taken into account only by the user picker, and is not set by default, meaning that we don't show any differentiator by default. Check out the User Module documentation for more information.


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