Allow to force-download attachments based on their mimetype

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/04/06

It is now possible to decide which attachments should be always downloaded based on their mimetypes: until now two properties ( and were allowing to control the display of some attachments for security reasons, but those properties are not able to control the behaviour of attachments added by a user with programming rights.

A new property has been added to allow force-download any attachment, whoever added it:

#-# [Since 12.10]
#-# Define the kind of attachment that you always want to be downloaded and never displayed inline.
#-# By default this list is empty, but you can specify a list of mime-types (coma separated list of values) which
#-# should be always downloaded no matter who attached them or what is the whitelist/blacklist configuration.
#-# The distinction with the blacklist configuration above is that the blacklist won't affect file attached by a user
#-# with programming rights, while this configuration affect any attachment.

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