Support WebFinger

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/04/06

We implemented as part of ActivityPub Application the support to the WebFinger draft protocol. This protocol allows to request a user on a domain based on common identifier (such as @foo@domain) and to use the provided information to connect services. In the case of ActivityPub it is generally used to retrieve the ActivityPub endpoint of a user.

In order to allow your users to benefit from WebFinger, you need to configure the server to comply on the request scheme. You can use for example the following nginx configuration to redirect webfinger URLs to the ActivityPub Application WebFinger resolution:

 location ~* ^/.well-known/webfinger(.*)$ {
  access_log off;
  rewrite ^/.well-known/webfinger(.*) /xwiki/webfinger$1 permanent;
  expires 0m;


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