IntelliJ IDEA Praise

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/05/11

Here are some quotes from XWiki developers using IntelliJ IDEA (source):

From Denis Gervalle:

 I am using it as well, and I am really happy with it. It is far more easy to setup than Eclipse, and it provides very nice features. The auto-completions and other smart inspections of code are really nice (without any performance issues), the refactoring feature is great, but from the advantage of the Ultimate edition, apart from what you already mention, I will miss the Coverage feature to improve my unit tests.
 I do not really envision the idea of going back to Eclipse or Netbeans, I still remember the nightmare it was. I will simply use the Community edition until I can afford a license for the Ultimate one.
 JetBrains has really done a great job with IntelliJ, and I will be to reward them when possible (currently, it is a bit hard for me).

From Vincent Massol:

 I started using IDEA back in 2001. I really liked the code editor but Eclipse had a lot more plugins that I needed at the time so I kept switching between IDEA and Eclipse but my wish was to be able to stay on IDEA since it was so vastly superior in term of code editing. Then, IDEA improved a lot its ecosystem of features with support for Maven, code coverage and more and suddenly there was no need anymore to switch to another IDE! emoticon_smile Hurrah! It’s now been about 10 years that I haven’t switched back. Every 2 years or so I try the new version of other IDEs in parallel to see how they have evolved but so far they haven’t been offering anything compelling to switch and IDEA is still ahead in the race IMO. I keep discovering new features now and then and I’m always amazed at the power and the fact that the new features are not in your way when you code.

 I’ve always been a big fan of Jetbrains products. A few years ago I’ve used Omea which IMO was a great product but it was killed for some reason. I’ve also used TeamCity on some open source project and we’re currently evaluating it again on the XWiki project since we’ve had our share of stability issues with Jenkins over the years. And I’m keen to try Youtrack one day as a JIRA replacement...

 I remember that I was so thrilled with the way IDEA worked that I even imagined what a build tool using the same principles as IntelliJ could do and I wrote a blog post about it in 2006 emoticon_wink

From Paul Libbrecht:

 well, I am using it (using an XCLAMS license) and I dare say it is an amazingly well packed tool. 

From Jeremie Bousquet:

 Just a side note, to be honest, I don't know which version of Eclipse you tried, but I must say they evolved correctly. With recent versions (indigo), it is much easier to import your maven project into eclipse projects and the sync works quite well. The git/hg integration is pretty nice too.
 But I agree that IDEAJ has always been my favorite IDE (I really liked the inspections and the simpleUml plugin), I moved to Eclipse only for economic reasons - and I miss too much features in IDEAJ community edition emoticon_smile

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