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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2019/08/04

  • Sent 19/10/18 14:47:40:

     I would appreciate page previews for internal links as now implemented on wikipedia. Also, in office environment pdfs are often used, but creating links to a page in a pdf attachement to xWiki is rather tedious. So, I would appreciate a new Link type for pdf with an optional parametrer page number or pdf anchor.

  • Sent 04/10/18 11:04:41:

     Table editing is not intuitive. Confluence handles this much better in the GUI (even though they have bugs, but they have much more functionality). This is a reason why I don't choose Xwiki. 

  • Sent 12/09/18 16:03:03:

     One small thing in the "create page" dialog: Add a button "Create and go up" (in the folder hierarchy), so that you can quickly create a page and then go up to the root page of the previously created one and create another page and so on.

     I love FOSS, and am a Linux user myself. Keep up the good work! emoticon_smile

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     After you've created a page you can quickly go up, by clicking in the previous hierarchy item in the breadcrumb, then click create page from there.

  • Sent 28/08/18 12:31:15:

     I'm using Apache and GSSAPI to front an instance of XWiki with LDAP to populate the user table on demand. This allows my Active Directory-Domain-joined Windows PC users to authenticate seamlessly and transparently so that they are automatically logged in to XWiki but without being prompted for credentials.

     I see that every single request for an object triggers an LDAP lookup on AD. This set up would really benefit from some sort of credential caching or cookie-based session management. I haven't found anything definite yet but I'm going to re-investigate the Trusted Authentication Framework later to see if that will handle both LDAP and session cookies. The documentation on this particular subject is very hazy. If you would me to try and write up a recipe I'll see if I can do so.

     Oh yes. In a past employment I was a big fan of Confluence. In my current role with this particular Not For Profit it's simply not affordable. XWiki looks like a fantastic alternative. What I don't see is a "donate here" opportunity to thank you all (well, some of you, I suspect) for your time and effort on this application.

  • Sent 15/08/18 07:11:03:

     Overall, our research team is quite happy with the Xwiki experience.

     I think one of the key things I have found lacking is the ability to easily backup and restore. And this is really crucial as the internal database and settings grow over time. I think a simple front-end interface to allow a user to backup the entire wiki, perhaps export to a tarball, and be able to restore from the tarball would be really useful.

    Answer from Vincent Massol (XWiki Core Dev):

     Actually it's quite easy to backup and restore XWiki. See this guide.

  • Sent 8/10/2018 21:31:27:

     bundle a quick perl script in with it for actually copying the war to tomcat, so it automatically picks the best driver for postgres or w/e data source

  • Sent 07/08/18 14:38:55:

     favorites  /watchlist unmanageable (here)
     search is completely screwed

  • Sent 03/08/18 01:54:40:

     Changing default theme for uregistered users is not possible - my team would be very happy if you have fixed that.
     It also would be great to see access rights by mimicking some other user.

  • Sent 27/07/18 12:31:06:

     Absolutely everything is difficult and badly documented if not ambiguous, even the scaling above this doesn't state which is true/false/better/worse, 0 or 5. I'm using 0 for no/dontagree-type answers, 5 for yes/agree-type answers.

     After weeks trying to set it up one issue after another when I finally pulled my user directory from AD (and having to settle for a flat-type database because every other database was impossible to setup even though I'm using MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL in other projects without issues) when I tried something as simple as update the profile pictures, it broke again.

     Some users were imported as XWiki.<username> others just as <username>. I usually don't have this many issues setting up anything, even federation services as a piece of cake compared to XWiki. Confluence takes about five minutes to setup in Windows, a little more on Linux if you're not that savvy.

     I don't know if information is purposely left out in the documentation to push consulting or not, but you'd be only hurting yourself if it is. I hope to be wrong.

     I'm deleting the VM where I have XWiki straight away and replacing it with another to reinstall Confluence and restore my license that started running back mid-April when I decided to try XWiki along Confluence then lost sight of it obsessing over XWiki not working.

     I really wanted XWiki because it doesn't limit on user quantity and the website talked a big game about design -- yet no examples are shown, BTW. Anyway, I hope your project gets better; though it's already on version 10.5, shouldn't that achieved by now.--

  • Sent 26/07/18 09:37:54 (translated from Mandarin)

     Chinese interface is not all Chinese
     Jdk CPU usage is too high when using jdk+tomcat 300%-500*% can only close the page and wait for the CPU to come down

  • Sent 03/07/18 19:06:25:

     - PDF Export quite unusable
     - Image Lightbox Feature out of the box via WYSIWYG Editor is desperately needed
     - Upgrade from xwiki 8.4.5 to 10.5 is quite the Challenge..

  • Sent 21/06/18 09:01:18:

     The navigation component is slow to refresh and doesn't remember its state as your navigate between pages

     There needs to be easier, and clearer installation, especially for cloud installs.
     Also better documentation on performance tuning

  • Sent 6/3/2018 18:25:34:

     Maybe a light weight flavor? I installed in an AWS Lightsail VPS with 1G RAM and installing the standard flavor was unable to finish. IDK, maybe i should've not installed a flavor and just hand picked some extensions as I needed them.

     Overkill for a personal project with a small number of users.  Using MediaWiki with Bluespice instead, because it seems to run better with my instance resources.

  • Sent 29/05/18 12:33:58:

     Obtuse instructions.  "How do I delete the Sandbox space (application)?"  "Delete the Sandbox.WebPreferences."  Uhhhhh???

  • Sent 12/05/18 17:21:51:

     First, I want to thank you for the big job provided. Even if I have critics.
     1 Does not work with java 10. I had to go back to some 8 to make it work. So, it would be best to simply say: works with THIS version (the one you use to test, since java is still shit because not able to provide upgrade compatibility).
     2 Why not create a simple screen where the user say I use (eg) Tomcat and Mysql on Linux and you could concatenate the scripts needed to init these tools (in the WAR install). Because, I am sorry to say, your doc is not user friendly)

     My company uses a lot of free software/open source. I am the boss, and even if the company is still small, I'd like to contribute with some money (eg:100€ (120USD) per month), if you can provide an invoice?
     But I can't find this option on the website. A simple 'help contribution page' would be welcome. I have no time to participate on developement. But if you need some fast help on Oracle software, I am quite an expert on this one. (even if I don't like java).

  • Sent 5/4/2018 13:37:28:

     Office-Importer (Word): scales images. Should be integrated 100%
     Installation / configururation: for a non-professional (Ubuntu) hard to understand where everything is (application, data, webapp?!?)
     After install/configuration: how can I do more specific configuration? e.g. modify applications (office importer image scale, size limits of importable office documents)

  • Sent 4/12/2018 10:12:57:

     I like use xwiki in wilfly 10 but it dont work. The oficial documentation is bad and dont work.

     It need to be simple to deploy in wildfly. We need more clear informantions in oficial documentation.

  • Sent 09/04/18 14:40:17:

     - More focus on simplicity. It currently takes some time to get started and while setting up XWiki we had to try several settings and play around a lot. The wysiwyg editor is nice but takes some time to get used to as well. Since we are an organization with mostly non-technical people, we have a hard time getting everybody to speed.
     - We didn't find a way to use the WebSocket Plugin behind a reverse proxy.
     - Pageload times are usually fine, however as soon as the PageTree gets huge it increases noticeably.
     - Template Creation is a 2-step process. You have to create the page first. It would be awesome to have this in one step. Maybe even an option like "save as template" for advanced users. Admins could review the templates and enable them wiki-wide.
     - Being technical your docs are awesome. However, non-technical people usually ask for a quick write up. Something like getting started with xwiki in 5 minutes.
     - The first time we used xwiki, we were confused by the page menu on the left hand side. It is not obvious that creating pages in the "Home" tree creates pages which are visible in the menu on the base level.

     Keep up the awesome work! :-)

  • Sent  30/03/18 19:45:43:

     The documentation is a bit difficult to follow.  It is apparent that English is not the first language for many of the writers which makes for some ambiguous instructions.

  • Sent 10/03/18 07:50:46:

     - built-in integration with Slack
     - better notifications handling / more options
     - better RSS support: many services I've used with XWiki complain about RSS format problems

  • Sent 02/03/18 23:31:34:

     Hi there, using the latest flavor I am very happy with xwiki. However, I had to get my hands dirty deep in my debian to get things working smoothly. I find too bad the server takes 10 minutes to start because of a single stupid jar scanning files parameters (okay, that's tomcat). Documentation is too light IMHO and I had to scratch my head for some evenings to get it working with my nginx setup in reverse proxy.

  • Sent 2/6/2018 9:55:59:

     For some coustomizing features I'm missing more documentation or examples

  • Sent 24/01/18 16:13:56:

     Real markdown support. Currently this is very shaky, usable only for simple documents, but when it gets more complicated, formatting is weird. UI also suggests that I can change the formatting after the document has been created, but this rarely works.

     Good that i can be locally installed and programmed etc.

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