Call for Participation

Last modified by Clément Aubin on 2020/12/03

Call for Participation

This is the call for participation in the FOSDEM 2021 devroom on Collaborative information and content management applications, to be held on Saturday 6th February 2021 online. We are looking for contributions under the form of conferences, talks or discussions covering the following main topics:

  • New projects presentation
  • Self-hosted platforms
  • Secure collaboration
  • Collaborative applications
  • Connectors & Integrations
  • Knowledge management techniques
  • Protocols for collaboration

If you have any idea of a talk fitting into the subject of the devroom, please don't hesitate to let us know about it!
We hope to provide an opportunity for everyone to meet and exchange about collaborative issues encountered while using Open Source solutions; present the some tools used for content management and discuss about global solutions for incentivizing collaboration.

Submission process

Please submit your proposals at before December 26th 2020.

If you already have a Pentabarf account (for example as a result of having submitted a proposal in the past), make sure you use it to log in and submit your proposal. Do not create a new account if you already have one. Please provide a bit of information about yourself under Person -> Description -> Abstract. When you submit your proposal (creating an "Event" in Pentabarf), make sure you choose the "Collaborative information and content management applications devroom" in the track drop-down menu. Otherwise your proposal might go unnoticed. Fill in at least a title and abstract for the proposed talk and a suggested duration. Bear in mind that a lot of the value in these meetings comes from the discussions, so please be reasonable regarding the duration of the talk.

Once the schedule of the devroom will be finalized, we will contact you in order to help you record your talk in advance, and ensure that the recording is of good quality.

Important dates

December 26th 2020: deadline for submission of proposals
December 31st 2020 or before: announcement of final schedule
January 1st to January 15th: speakers record their talks
February 6th 2021: devroom day, online

What's the organization this year ?

While the global organization of the event is still in progress, here are the elements that we already know regarding the organization of the devroom. Please consider them before submitting a proposal :

  • The reference time will be Brussels local lime (CET).
  • Talks have to be pre-recorded in advance between the first two weeks of January, and will be streamed during the event.
  • Q/A session will be taken live, just after each recorded talk. As such, please make sure that you will be online and available on the day of the event.
  • A facility will be provided for people watching to chat between themselves.
  • A facility will be provided for people watching to submit questions.


As previous years, the talks and Q/A sessions will be recorded. The recordings will be published under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). By agreeing to present at FOSDEM, you automatically give permission to be recorded. The organizers will agree to make exceptions but only for exceptional and well-reasoned cases.


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